Welcome to Visual Arts

Welcome to all of my art students and parents!

It is my greatest pleasure to be your child's visual arts teacher! I look forward to watching them blossom into young artists.  The visual arts is a wonderful way for students to express themselves creatively and has been show to help students in other subjects as well. 

At Holy Cross students begin visual arts instruction in kindergarten.  Kindergarten through grade five attend class three times a week for 12 weeks (a trimester).  In junior high (grades 6-8), visual arts is offered as an elective.  Junior High students receive art instruction twice a year for the entire school year. 

Students in all grade levels are exposed to various mediums (paint, clay, colored pencil, etc.).  Art instruction includes the Elements of Art and Principals of Design.  Students also learn about artists and their art and develop critiquing/evaluating skills. 

Language Arts is integrated into the art curriculum through the use of Artist Statements. Each student will write (or dictate-grade K) a reflection on their artwork.  They will use prompts such as,

"What is your favorite part?"
"What was your inspiration?"
"What concepts/techniques did you learn?"

to complete their Artist Statement.

Community Art

Beautiful art created by every artist in the PK-8th grade! We are Stronger Together and Unified in Christ!