Kim Speed Belief Statement

     I hope to always be enthusiastic about being a teacher.  Children love an enthusiastic teacher.  If the students see me happy about being in school and doing my job, then hopefully the enthusiasm will carry over to them.  I will do my best to be fair to all of my students.  If rules are consistently enforced for all students, then students will know what is expected of them.  I want each and every one of my students to know and believe that I genuinely care about them and that I am there to help all of them be successful.
     I truly believe that children can learn anything.  The purpose of education is to prepare students for their future.  I can help them with this journey.  By getting to know each and every one of my students, I will know their abilities and what inspires them to do their best.  I will direct and involve them in their learning so the students can take an active role in what they learn.
     I must treat all of my students with respect and dignity.  Students deserve this.  If they get treated with respect, I hope they will learn to be respectful to me, other teachers, their friends, and themselves.  
     We at Holy Cross are especially blessed.  Not only can we provide our students with optimum learning conditions, but we are able to involve God in our lives on a daily basis.  My two children attend Holy Cross School. As a parent and teacher, I understand the importance and value of a good Catholic Education! I look forward to sharing an exciting and fun-filled learning experience with your child.

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