Kate Williams Personal Belief Statement




Welcome to the Media Center!

My name is Kate and I've been teaching since 1998, mostly in Catholic schools, starting in a little school known as Father Kolbe in Canton, MD. (Side note: Mrs. Pollitt taught there and we just found out that the classrooms I taught 3rd and 5th in were the same that she taught 8th!) I stayed within the Archdiocese of Baltimore until our move to Hartly in 2006.

 I also hold IT certifications and am a total nerd. I love teaching, computers, and books, so being the Media Specialist is my dream job.


In 2012 I was a substitute here at Holy Cross and instantly fell in love! I felt right at home, there was an immediate feeling of peace and I knew this was where I wanted to spend the rest of my teaching career. 


It is my belief that every student should develop confidence in using technology. I pack as much as I can into our curriculum, and since new tech is coming out constantly, with apps, programs, it's never ending! It is always evolving, and I feel my curriculum is ever evolving.


I have structured the curriculum so that by the time the students graduate the 8th grade, they will have had experiences with:

  • Office-type software (spreadsheets, word documents, slideshow presentations, creating brochures), including G-Suite from Google, Docs, Slides, Sheets


  • Coding (Java Script, Ruby, HTML and CSS)
  • Internet safety (evaluating websites, being able to recognize spam)


  • Digital Citizenship and Cyberbully Awareness

  • Photo editing

  • Keyboarding skills

  • Multi media (movie maker and adding sound)

  • Computer Science basics

  • TinkerCAD, a 3D model maker, and using our 3D printer

All the students PreK to 8th grade will be using the library as well as the computer lab.


 We are using Fischertechnik's green energy kits, and it explores models that use water, wind, and solar energy in the 6th grade. 7th and 8th will be working with more advanced robotics, using Fischertechnik's Robotics TXT kit.

We are also embarking on our blended learning pedagogy this year, which provides students with more ways to gather and apply their knowledge in the classrooms. 

 We are also working toward 1:1 with our Chromebooks from the HSA.

In my down time, I hang out at my farm with my husband, daughter, our dog, Quaker Parrot, and four horses.