This is the home of my blog

On my webpage you will find tips and tricks to use with your Chromebook, as well as some cool tech updates, robotics fun and anything else techie that you might like to learn about. The Chromebook shortcuts picture I will pin on here, it won't go away to become a reference. 

Chromebook shortcuts

Here are a couple graphics for shortcuts for the Chromebook, and a way to make the search key the caps lock key!

to create a caps lock key permanently, or until you don't need it anymore, you can: press alt+ search

OR if you want a caps lock key, you can visit your chromebook's settings page (chrome://settings), then click keyboard settings

Have a great week!

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use of Technology Policy outlines the do's and don'ts of technology usage here at Holy Cross.  It is strongly advised that Parents and Students read and understand the policy before signing it. If you have questions, you may certainly contact me through email or in person, and we can go over it. Infractions of the AUP can result in a loss of technology for the student or suspension of their student account. 

If a Middle school student has an account suspension, then it will be the student's sole responsibility to get any and all information from Schoology or other websites the teacher is using for class. The teacher will not create offline resources due to infractions. Students need to be responsible for their on and offline behaviors. 

The Acceptable Use of Technology policy: