News for the Week of Oct 15-19

Important Information

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art; $1.00 Tag Day for World Food Day

Wednesday- Music; Bishop Visit

Thursday- Spanish

Friday- Media; Living Rosary 2:00


Monday- Reading Day 1, Study for Math Test, Fluency

Tuesday- Reading Day 2, Fluency

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Math 135-136, Fluency

Thursday- Study for Spelling Test, Math 141-142, Fluency

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- A Fox and a Kit

Comprehension Skill-Main Idea and Details

Sight Words- eat, five, four, her, this, too

Spelling Words- sit, fit, hit, win, nap, sits, fits, hits, wins, naps

Modified Spelling Words- quit, flip, spin, splat, strap, quits, flips, spins, splats, straps

News for the Week of Oct 9-12

Important Information

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Art; $1.00 Go Pink Tag Day if you did not purchase a shirt from Bayhealth

Wednesday- Music; 

Thursday- Spanish; Picture Day

Friday- Media


Tuesday- Sight Word Review Day 1; Math 101-102; Fluency

Wednesday- Sight Word Review Day 2; Math 109-110; Fluency

Thursday- Sight Word Review Day 3; Math 115-116; Fluency

Sight Word Review Week:


We are taking a week to review all of the sight words your child should know both from kindergarten and first grade.

Here are the words they should know from kindergarten:

I, see, a, green, we, like, the, one, look, do, you, was yellow, they, have, two, that, are, is, the, three, with, to, where, go, here, for, me

These are the words from first grade:

my, come, way, on, in, she, take, what, up, blue, little, from, use, get, help


News for the Week of Oct. 1-5

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Spanish

Friday- No School- Inservice


Monday- Reading Day 1; Math 85-86

Tuesday- Reading Day 2; Math 97-98

Wednesday- Reading Day 3; Study for Spelling Test; Math 103-104

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- The Big Blue Ox

Comprehension Skill- Character and Setting

Sight Words- blue, from, get, help, little, use

Spelling Words- hot, hop, put, pop, ox, lock, mop, got, rock, mom

Modified Spelling Words- spot, drop, robot, flop, sandbox, unlock, chop, shot, clock, stomp

News for the Week of Sept 24 - 28

Important Information

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Spanish

Friday- Media; $1.00 Ice cream sundaes at lunch


Monday- Reading Day 1; Study for Math Test

Tuesday- Reading Day 2; No Math Homework Mom and Dad check out Chapter 2 Concepts packet 

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Addition Worksheet

Thursday- Study for Spelling Test, Math 73-74

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- Pig in a Wig

Comprehension Skill- Plot (Beginning, Middle, Ending)

Sight Words- she, take, up, what

Spelling Words- six, wig, mix, fix, lip, sit, in, it, did, pin

Modified Spelling Words- slid, twig, mix, fix, ship, split, thin, quit, squid, spin


News for the Week of Sept. 17 - 21

Important Information

Monday- Gym; Open House for Parents 5:30-7:00

Tuesday- Art 

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Spanish

Friday- Media (This is our book fair time); Free tag day- wear green & white



Monday- Reading Day 1, Math 41-42

Tuesday- Reading Day 2,

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Math 47-48

Thursday- Study for Spelling Test, Math 53-54

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- Sam, Come Back

Comprehension Skill- Character & Setting

Sight Words- come, in, my, on, way

Spelling Words- am, at, back, bat, can, cat, dad, mad, ran, sack


Image result for apple clip art                        Welcome to 1A!                               

We are going to have a great year.  You will find sight words, spelling words, weekly homework and important schedule announcements listed here.

Our Weekly Enrichment Schedule is:

Mondays - Gym

Tuesdays - Art

Wednesdays - Music

Thursdays - Spanish

Fridays - Media