Parent Reconciliation Retreat "Make-Up" (2)

Fr Joseph McQuaide from Robert Krebs on Vimeo.
Parents if you missed this year's retreat, this is Father McQuaide's talk to the parents from a past year. Enjoy!

First Penance/First Communion Preparation

For children who have completed Level 1, which usually corresponds to Grade 1, and who are at least seven years old, we offer a preparation program for First Penance (Reconciliation) and First Communion in conjunction with the regular class schedule in Level 2.  In addition to the regular, weekly classes, families are asked to participate in:

Parent Preparation Meetings: These are for parents only and are held periodically during the year.  Topics include home activities to enrich classroom experiences, parent updating on the theology of the sacraments and their meaning in their life as an adult, and planning for special celebrations.

First Reconciliation Parent/Candidate Day of Reflection: Prior to the children’s sacramental celebration, all parents, with their children, will be asked to attend a morning or afternoon “Day of Reflection” to help prepare themselves for this step in their child’s faith journey.

First Communion Parent/Candidate Retreat Day: This is a day of activities and prayer that begins First Communion preparation.  This event will lay out the subsequent family activities that will be done in the home.

Special Liturgical Events: These highlight the steps your child is taking in their faith journey:

First Reconciliation – the children will celebrate the sacrament.  There is a communal prayer service followed by private confessions.  Dates will be available at the first Parent Preparation Session.

First Communion – the children will receive Communion for the first time on a Saturday in spring.  Dates and times will be available at the first Parent Preparation Session..

2018-2019 1st Reconciliation Preparation

We spent Saturday enjoying a wonderful spirit filled Reconciliation Retreat! 
Thank you to our volunteer catechists for their time and assistance.
If you missed the day, please download the student packet and view Father McQuaide's talk for the parents above.

Make up - 1st Reconciliation Retreat.pdf