Ten Holy Cross Students Chosen for Kent County Honors Band

The Kent County Honors band is a long standing tradition supported by the Kent County Music Educators Association, which Ms. Swartzentruber is a member, where the finest middle school instrumentalists are chosen for a one time concert, playing level 3 music with a guest conductor.   
Each year directors nominate their students who have shown dedication and growth as a young instrumentalist to their responsibilities within the school's music program. Many of the students nominated have already begun the additional challenge of auditioning for Junior All-State Band which requires more time and effort, above and beyond the duties and demands of school band program requirements.
Nomination letters for the Honors Band go to the students selected by Ms. Swartzentruber. Parents and students ensure they are able to commit to the required rehearsal and concert dates. If they choose to accept the nomination, students return the intent to Ms. Swartzentruber. 
Ms. S, along with the other KCMEA middle school band directors, gather to choose the band. Each director brings the names of their students who have accepted the nomination (should they be chosen for this years band) and strives to secure a chair for their student within the Honors Band. Not all students who have submitted their acceptance of the nomination is guaranteed a seat in the Honors Band. At the end of the meeting, the Honors Band has been formed.  
Holy Cross School is proud to have 10 instrumentalists as part of this years 2019 Kent County Honors Band. 
Congratulations to our Crusaders!
Julia N
Elizabeth Z
Patrick S
Laci P
Yanialis R
Josephine W
Vivian W
Emily C
French Horn
Maxwell G
Josalyn S
These students will attend 2 evening rehearsals and an all day rehearsal along with 100 student members from across Kent County and present their work at the Honors Band Concert on Saturday, February 16th at 6PM at Milford High School.