Media Overview

The media curriculum is an integration of both library and computer skills; a framework for 21st century learning.  We follow the NET*S for Students: a comprehensive framework for digital age education that deliver skills to prepare the globally competitive student. (

We focus on higher level thinking skills: critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Our technology curriculum is broken down into six core areas:

1. creativity and innovation

2. communication and collaboration

3. research and information fluency

4. critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making

5. digital citizenship (cyberbullying included)

6. technology operations and concepts. The elementary students also learn skills in the library that easily transition into the classroom, as well as in the computer lab. Here are the core ideas for each grade level, but they are not a complete listing.

We also use Renaissance Learning software (STAR testing) for progress monitoring purposes, and our the teachers receive the results reports, which help them to plan their small groups.

The students will also be exposed to using a 3D printer, as well as Chromebook integration.