Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Students are introduced to the library in Pre-Kindergarten. We tour the library and learn about the proper care of books. Students learn about the title, author, illustrator, front and back cover, and spine. They listen to read alouds, answer reading comprehension questions, and complete activities based on the story.

In the computer lab, students will:

  • learn the parts of the desktop: monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse
  • navigate a website
  • select a website from the bookmark toolbar
  • operate a computer mouse

Students are reintroduced to the library in Kindergarten.  We review the terms learned previously. They learn the book borrowing procedures and proper care of books.

In the computer lab, they will:

    • review the parts of a computer
    • open and close the browser
    • log onto the computer using control, alt, delete and credentials
    • select and navigate a website from the bookmark toolbar
    • identify where the letters are on the keyboard