Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade

Students review procedures, and introduced to the Dewey Decimal System, and how to properly locate and put books back where they belong. Through the use of activities, students work on comprehension skills. They are also introduced to the dictionary, thesaurus, and biographies, both in the library and online.  We conduct genre studies and create story boards.

In the lab, third grade students continue to learn and use:

  • Pivot animator
  • word clouds
  • online/offline Saint research
  • keyboarding skills
  • digital storytelling
  • making collages with web-based photo editing
  • multimedia presentations
  • creating, saving, and printing documents
  • introduce technology vocabulary

Fourth and Fifth grades:

Review of taking care of books and book checkout procedures. We continue Dewey Decimal System, and introduced to online reference materials: atlas and almanac. They will also continue to develop their understanding of genres.

In addition to the previous year's skills, students will:

  • continue keyboarding skills
  • organize data in a spreadsheet and create a graph
  • begin coding using JavaScript ( and
  • website validity and reliability
  • online personal safety
  • mini research character trait biography
  • presentation software (Impress and
  • continue to develop technology vocabulary