Through a team approach, students will:

  • Explore a variety of self-generated topics.
  • Students use the 6+1 Writing Traits vocabulary, as well as a systematic writing process to encourage ease of group discussion and corrective practices among groups and individuals.
  • Students identify and utilize writing formats that best communicate material to their intended audiences.
  • Students provide peers with supportive and immediate feedback during the writing process.
  • Students write their own pieces using these genres during their year-long study:  
    • Expository essay (nonfiction in the form of a biography)
    • Letter writing (business and personal correspondence)
    • Personal narrative o Persuasive essay o Descriptive essay
    • Poetry

Assessment is an ongoing process. It includes students’ participation, process work, and final products. Rubrics are used to identify individuals’ strengths as well as areas needing improvement.