3 Year Old Program Overview

Our Three Year Old Program introduces our students to the Early Learning Center school environment.  Our program centers around the Catholic Faith.  It focuses on developing a positive self image as people formed in God's image, a sense of security and an awareness of God.  Activities will emphasize developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development and social skills preparing them for their Pre-Kindergarten experience.


  • Children will be introduced to prayer, symbols and images of the Catholic Faith.
  • Stories of God's Love will be the program used to teach the Bible stories of the Catholic Faith.

Readiness Skills

  • Letter of the Week Activities will be used to develop fine and gross motor skills, and language development.
  • Structured and unstructured play to encourage social interaction
  • Students will be introduced to math and reading readiness skills through the SAXON program.

Letter Formation

  • The Handwriting Without Tears Program will be used to develop fine motor skills.  It gives the students a tactile experience in forming letters.

Extended Learning

  • Lunch
  • Rest Time
  • Second Recess
  • Enrichment activities related to the letter of the week

Friday Extended Learning

  • Will include morning activities reviewing the letter of the week with both structured and unstructured play time built into the morning.