Students will learn about and engage in faith-filled experiences relative to these:

  • Church.
  • Reconciliation/Commandments.
  • Eucharist/Mass.
  • Liturgical Seasons/Holy Days.
  • Mary.

Social Studies

Students will explore, discuss, and engage in activities relative to these units of study:

  • Communities
  • Places Near and Far
  • Ways of Living
  • People at Work
  • America’s Past
  • American’s Government
  • Map/Globe skills
  • Inventors
  • Holidays


Students will learn scientific methods and strategies through a variety of hands-on experiences while these units are covered:

  • Life Science—Non-living Things, Living Things, and Health & Hygiene
  • Earth Science—Exploring Earth’s Surface, Natural Resources, Weather, and Water Cycle
  • Physical Science—Matter, Weight, Volume, Sound, and Simple Machines

Language Arts

Students will:

  • Use the Saxon Phonics Program to learn a variety of strategies to decode unknown words and spell words that correlate with the phonics lesson.
  • Learn to spell sight and high frequency words correctly.
  • Learn comprehension skills & strategies to understand what is read.
  • Learn to write complete sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization and use parts of speech correctly.
  • Learn to write stories utilizing a beginning, middle, and end. • Use the Six Traits writing process to develop written expression.
  • Participate in group discussions, give oral reports, and expand vocabulary skills.
  • Continue to develop manuscript handwriting and begin cursive writing.


Students will:

  • Learn basic addition and subtraction facts thru 18.
  • Learn place value to 100.
  • Learn to add and subtract with 1-2-3 digit numbers, with and without regrouping.
  • Learn to graph and interpret data.
  • Learn to read and write fractions and use probability.
  • Student will learn these geometrical concepts: shapes, lines of symmetry, congruent figures, and patterns.
  • Learn about time and money.
  • Learn about measurement.
  • Learn problem solving skills and how to estimate.
  • Learn to round numbers to the 100s.
  • Be introduced to multiplication and division.