Welcome to 2A/Week of Sept 24th

Homework for the Week of Sept 24th

Mon, Sept 24th  Math-pgs 103-104, Spelling-write the words three times each

Tue,  Sept 25th  Math-pgs 109-110, Spelling-write the words in ABC order, Wear gym uniform

Wed, Sept 26th  Spelling-choose three words and write a sentence for each, Read for 10 min.

Thu,  Sept 27th  Math-pgs 115-116, Spelling-study the words, Bring library book

Fri,    Sept 28th  Read for 10 min, have a great weekend!

Welcome to 2A/Week of Sept 17th

Homework for the Week of Sept 17th

Mon, Sept 17th  Math-pgs 79-80, Fluency Folder-read for 1 minute

Tue,  Sept 18th  Math-pgs 85-86, Fluency Folder, Wear gym uniform, Book Fair tomorrow

Wed, Sept 19th  Math-pgs 91-92,  Fluency Folder

Thu,  Sept 20th  Math-pgs 97-98, Fluency Folder, Tag Day-free, wear green and white

Fri,   Sept 21st   Have a good weekend!

Welcome to 2A/Week of Sept 3rd

Welcome Back to School!

I hope the children enjoyed their first day in second grade. Here are a few reminders:

- Thursday and Friday are full days

-If you have not given me your child's animal notebook money, please send in $12 this week. Checks can be made out to Holy Cross School. Make sure you put it in an envelope or ziploc bag with your child's name on it.


Homework for the Week of Sept 3rd

Tues, Sept 4th  11:50 dismissal tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 6th is a full day

Wed, Sept 5th   Full day of school tomorrow, initial the homework notebook daily

Thu,  Sept 6th   Bring any supplies you have not brought in yet, read for 10 min

Fri,    Sept 7th   Share your thoughts about the first week of school, have a good weekend