General Information

General Information about my Classes:


We will be engaged in a range of writing tasks and other creative writing projects throughout the semester. Students will be expected to write major essays for all courses. When given a writing assignment, students will also have the rubric which will be used to grade the assignment. I encourage the students to use the rubric while writing their essay. Also, when writing for any course, students will need to be sure to cite evidence from sources to support their opinions and statements. There will be opportunities where students will be expected to cite from multiple sources in a single essay. These expectations may be new to many of the students so please be assured that I will be teaching the students about these expectations and modeling appropriate essay responses.



All work that is done by the students will count towards their final trimester grade. These tools will include: assessments; quizzes; class work; class participation; and homework assignments. Assessments in my courses will consist of multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, identifications, essays and short answers. Additionally, I will assign at least one project per course to the students during the course of the year. The purpose of students completing this project is for them to show proficiency in the learning goal/s currently being studied. Projects are counted as an assessment grade and are scored using a rubric while I will give to the students when the project is assigned.




  • Expect homework for most subjects each night and to be in line with the HCS student handbook requirements.

  • Block scheduling should increase homework quality and give students sufficient time to see help if needed and complete assignments on time.

  • FLEX PERIOD will be used for students to meet with individual teachers for help, 

    • questions on assignments, late work/test makeup and to start homework, study or read.

    • Should students fail to turn in an assignment on the day it is due (not due to an absence) the following policy is to be used in all classes:

      • Policy:

        • Day 1: 10% point reduction and the assignment is entered in the Gradebook as a zero.

        • Day 2: 20% point reduction

        • Day 3: 30% point reduction

    • Students will have the option to turn in larger assignments (tests, projects, papers, etc) to their teacher for up to 50% credit until 2 weeks before the trimester formally ends.

    • All missing work will be designated in PowerSchool with a zero until the work is turned in by the student.



    All students are responsible for the following:

    • Maintaining their course notebook

    • Taking notes using the Cornell Notes method

    • Studying in advance for all tests and quizzes

    • Completing homework in a timely manner in case help is needed during FLEX time

    • Bringing all needed materials to class each day

    • Completing and turning in all assignments

    • Asking for extra help when needed and obtaining a FLEX pass

    • Choosing a responsible group or partner when pair work is assigned

    • Conducting themselves properly and being respectful to teachers and classmates



    As a student at Holy Cross School you will follow the way of the CROSS:

    Caring: respect yourself, others and property; be helpful and patient

    Responsible: complete your assignments on time and with pride; make good choices; use your time wisely

    Outstanding: try your best; have integrity; represent your school and family well

    Set: be prepared for class and to learning

    Sure: have faith; know what is expected; be self-confident; ask if you are not sure


Binder Sections

8th Grade History

Course Outline 

Monthly Signature Sheet  

Section 1:  Warm-ups

Section 2:  Graphic Organizers

Section 3:  Handouts

Section 4:  Cornell Notes

Section 5:  Test/Quizzes

8th Grade Literature

Course Outline 

Monthly Signature Sheet  

Section 1:  Bell Ringers

Section 2:  Graphic Organizers

Section 3:  Handouts

Section 4:  Word of the Day

Section 5:  Test/Quizzes 

Remind and Edmodo

I’m using Remind for important updates. It’s free and safe to use, and you can get messages by text, app, or email.

8th grade Social Studies:

8th grade Literature:

The students will also be using Edmodo in the classroom for Literature and History assignments.  They have been given time to sign up in class and will be given time to complete assignments on the Chrome Books in the classroom. If you are interested in the code to join the class on Edmodo as well, either ask your child or email me and I will be happy to share!

Quote of the Month

"You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice."