News for the week of Feb. 4 - 8

Important Information:

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Music; Mass 

Thursday- Spanish; Volleyball Game 8th Grade vs. Teachers/Parents 8:30; Talent Show 1:30

Friday- Media; $1.00 Ice cream sundaes at lunch


Monday- Reading Day 1, Math 415-416, Fluency

Tuesday- Reading Day 2, Math 421-422, Fluency

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Math 427-428, Fluency

Thursday- Study for Spelling and Math Tests, Fluency

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- Honey Bees

Comprehension Skill- Compare and Contrast

Sight Words- also, family, new, some, other, their

Spelling Words- feet, he, see, we, green, me, she, tree, week, be

Modified Spelling Words- wheel, sweet, sleepy, sunscreen, bleed, three, queen, cheek, screen, greet