News for the Week of 1/28 - 2/1

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Important Information

Monday- School Mass; Book Fair Shopping; Gym

Tuesday- Art; School Rosary

Wednesday- Music; Mass 

Thursday- Field trip; Spanish; Student Tag Day donate a can of soup; Volleyball Game 

Friday- Media; Magic Show; Student Talent Show


Monday- Fluency, Spelling Day 1

Tuesday- Math Worksheet, Fluency, Spelling Day 2

Wednesday-  Fluency, Spelling Day 3

Thursday- Fluency, Study Spelling


Reading Week:

Anthology Story- Life in the Forest

Comprehension Skill- Author's Purpose

Sight Words- around, find, food, grow, under, water

Spelling Words- huge, June, rule, tube, use, cube, cute, flute, rude, mule