News for the Week of October 22-26

Important Information

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art; Literacy Night 6:00-7:00

Wednesday- Early Dismissal-11:50 for Parent Conferences

Thursday- Early Dismissal-11:50 for Parent Conferences

Friday- Media; Ice cream sundaes $1.00 at lunch


Monday- Reading Day 1, Math 147-148, Fluency

Tuesday- Reading Day 2, Math Facts Page, Fluency

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Math, Fluency

Thursday- Study for Spelling Test, Math, Fluency

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- Get the Egg!

Comprehension Skill-Main Idea and Details

Sight Words- saw, tree, small, your

Spelling Words- men, ten, jet, bed, red, net, sled, step, leg, wet

Modified Spelling Words- tent, spent, best, bled, fled, bend, sled, step, nest, stem