News for the Week of Oct 15-19

Important Information

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art; $1.00 Tag Day for World Food Day

Wednesday- Music; Bishop Visit

Thursday- Spanish

Friday- Media; Living Rosary 2:00


Monday- Reading Day 1, Study for Math Test, Fluency

Tuesday- Reading Day 2, Fluency

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Math 135-136, Fluency

Thursday- Study for Spelling Test, Math 141-142, Fluency

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- A Fox and a Kit

Comprehension Skill-Main Idea and Details

Sight Words- eat, five, four, her, this, too

Spelling Words- sit, fit, hit, win, nap, sits, fits, hits, wins, naps

Modified Spelling Words- quit, flip, spin, splat, strap, quits, flips, spins, splats, straps