News for the Week of Oct 9-12

Important Information

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Art; $1.00 Go Pink Tag Day if you did not purchase a shirt from Bayhealth

Wednesday- Music; 

Thursday- Spanish; Picture Day

Friday- Media


Tuesday- Sight Word Review Day 1; Math 101-102; Fluency

Wednesday- Sight Word Review Day 2; Math 109-110; Fluency

Thursday- Sight Word Review Day 3; Math 115-116; Fluency

Sight Word Review Week:


We are taking a week to review all of the sight words your child should know both from kindergarten and first grade.

Here are the words they should know from kindergarten:

I, see, a, green, we, like, the, one, look, do, you, was yellow, they, have, two, that, are, is, the, three, with, to, where, go, here, for, me

These are the words from first grade:

my, come, way, on, in, she, take, what, up, blue, little, from, use, get, help