News for the Week of Sept 24 - 28

Important Information

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Spanish

Friday- Media; $1.00 Ice cream sundaes at lunch


Monday- Reading Day 1; Study for Math Test

Tuesday- Reading Day 2; No Math Homework Mom and Dad check out Chapter 2 Concepts packet 

Wednesday- Reading Day 3, Addition Worksheet

Thursday- Study for Spelling Test, Math 73-74

Reading Week:

Anthology Story- Pig in a Wig

Comprehension Skill- Plot (Beginning, Middle, Ending)

Sight Words- she, take, up, what

Spelling Words- six, wig, mix, fix, lip, sit, in, it, did, pin

Modified Spelling Words- slid, twig, mix, fix, ship, split, thin, quit, squid, spin