Miss Hauss Personal Belief Statement

   Starting the Three-Year-Old Program and transitioning into a kindergarten teacher at Holy Cross has been such an honor.  As a graduate of Holy Cross, I am blessed to be able to come back and teach the little ones.  They are incredibly bright for such a young age, and it is wonderful to see their minds transform as they learn new things. I especially love the “Aha!” moments when a concept a student has been working on finally clicks. They love coming to school every day and they always have a big smile on their face when they enter the classroom. 

   Five to Six years old is such a crucial time for brain development, and these students never stop growing.  Every day they work on their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, phonemic awareness, body awareness, and social skills. In Kindergarten I believe this is truly when children become independent and confident in their own abilities. They will encounter a lot of situations that they are able to solve on their own without the guidance of their parents and be introduced to meaningful learning. Meaningful learning occurs when students are allowed to confront real problems, make choices, and find solutions. When students are able to solve their problems on their own they will begin to decipher wrong from right and begin down a morally conscience path of life.

   That being said, these children are also a huge source of joy and happiness. There is never a dull moment with these children, and I think that is the reason why I love it so much!  Holy Cross is a fantastic school, and now being able to teach here really makes this school a second home for me.  I look forward to seeing the students and I grow with the school throughout the years.