Next Week:

Phonics - letter Pp beginning sound and handwriting

Science - When Objects Collide, Pumpkins

Religion - Gospel of the Week 

Math - Story Problem's Working with Shapes

Literature Art - Pumpkin Pinata!



Monday - Write the letters Pp 3x

Tuesday - Draw and color AB pattern using crayons

Wednesday - Write the word "Hot" and a word that rhymes with it

Thursday - Count by 10's and write the numbers as you count

Practice Sight Words - and, a, have, they, was, be, you, with 


Pumpkin Pinata! 

K1 is making a Pumpkin Pinata in Mrs. Girton's class. We need to fill the Pinata for K1's Halloween Celebration! Please send in a bag of candy or small prizes to stuff the pinata! 


Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 13th Fall Festival 

Oct. 16th $1 Tag day 

Oct. 17th Book Orders Due!

Oct. 19th Living Rosary 

Oct. 18th Coleman's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (students wear gym tshirt, jeans, and sneakers)

10-4-18 Newsletter

Next Week:

Phonics - Letter /Tt/ beginning sound and handwriting

Science- When Objects Collide

Religion - Weekly Gospel

Math- Numbers in order from 1-20, forming numbers correctly, counting by 10's

Literature Art- Letter Yurtle the Turtle Story and Art Project



Tuesday- Write numbers 0-10 2x

Wednesday- write the word "got" and another word that rhymes with it.

Thursday- write the numbers 11-15 2x

Practice Sight Words - and, have, they, was, you, with


Upcoming Dates & Reminders:

Oct. 5th-8th - No School

Oct. 9th - Go Pink! Tag Day $1

Oct. 11th - School Picture Day (winter uniform, please see student handbook for details)

Oct. 13th - Fall Festival

Oct. 16th - $1 Tag Day

Oct. 17th - Living Rosary

Oct. 18th - Coleman's Pumpkin Patch



K1 will be having our Halloween Party on Tuesday, Oct. 30th at 1 pm. Your child should have a school appropriate costume that does not include any weapons. 


9-27-18 Newsletter

Next Week:

Phonics - Letter /Hh/ beginning sound and handwriting

Science- Fall (seasons changing), When Objects Collide

Religion/Social Studies - Weekly Gospels, Archangels and Guardian Angel

Math- Story Problems, Identifying numbers and sets of Objects, Counting to 100

Literature Art - Magic Hats

Sight Words - and, have, they, was, you, in


Homework will be starting NEXT WEEK!!!

A homework notebook will go home and back to school with your child's red folder.

Their homework assignment sheet will be placed in a sleeve in the Red Folder.

K1 will have homework Monday - Thursday unless otherwise stated on their assignments.


Halloween Party! 

K1 will be having our Halloween Party on Tuesday, Oct. 30th at 1pm. All parents are welcome to join us for our celebration!  You can sign your child out when you leave the party if you wish. Please check your email's soon for a Sign-Up Genius link to help with our celebration! 


Important Dates/Reminders 
Oct. 5th - No School

Oct. 8th - No School

Oct. 9th - Go Pink! Tag Day $1

Oct. 11th - School Picture Day

Oct. 13th Fall Festival



Thank you for your help!!!
*STAR Test Results go home today. Please look at them, sign and return. Thank you!



9-20-18 Newsletter

Next Week:

Religion - St. Padre Pio, Gospel of the Week

Science - Push & Pull, Force & Motion

Literature Art - Giraffe Story and Art Project

Math - Counting to 50, counting by 2's & 10,
Pattern Blocks, Story Problems

Phonics/ELA - Letter /Gg/ sound and printing, Handwriting, Beginning and Ending Sounds, Sight Words and Color Words

Our First Sight Words on our Word Wall are:
and, was & they!


Continue Practicing 

-making the sign of the cross

-recognizing color words

-neatly printing our first and last names

- recognizing and writing all 26 lower case letters

-writing our numbers

- Date of Birth, Address, Phone #
These are some of the things that
will be assessed for T1 PR's


STAR Testing 

K1 Students took their STAR Test on Tuesday.
Parent Reports will go home next week. I

f you would like to talk about them please email me and schedule a time you would like to chat.


Important Dates and Reminders

September 21st- Green & White Free Tag Day ( your child does not have to wear a uniform on Tag Day's)

Please return your coupon books or send in the money if you would like to purchase them!

Please bring your library books back to school so your child can borrow another one next week.


9-13-18 Newsletter

Next Week We Will Learn: 

Religion/Social Studies - visit the church, saints, and statues, 10 Commandments

Science - Force & Motion

Literature Art - Letter O story & project

Math - AB Patterns, Identifying Shapes, Dice Games

Phonics/ELA - Letter /Oo/ sound and printing, Rhyming, Beginning Sounds, Sight Words, and Color Words

** Your child needs a water bottle every day!


Practice, Practice, Practice!

These are some things we have been working hard on in school! Please practice them over the weekend!

-making the sign of the cross
-recognizing color words
-neatly printing our first and last names
- recognizing and writing lower case letters
-writing our numbers
- Date of Birth, Address, Phone #
*Will be assessed for T1 Progress Reports


Important Dates & Reminders

Sept. 14th - School Mass 9:30

Sept.17th - Book Fair week!
k1 students will go to the book fair during media time on Wednesday. If you would like your child to purchase a book please send in $10 or LESS marked in their Red Folder! You can also take them after school! The book fair is open until 5.

Book Orders - If you do not have time to shop at the book fair please check out Scholastic.com and you can place an order with our class code PBNRH. Each order adds points for our class to purchase books! Orders will be placed monthly. Our September Due date will be the 24th. Thank you! 

Sept. 17th - Elementary Open House & Faculty Bake Sale! 5:30

Sept.18th - Jr. High Open House & Faculty Bake Sale 5:30





9-6-18 Newsletter

Welcome Back to School! 

We have been having awesome days in Kindergarten this week!

We have met some new friends and ran into some old ones!

I will use a form like this every week to update you on what your child is learning and any other important information or upcoming events. This information will also be posted on my website.

*Please remember, if you are going to volunteer more than 5 hours in the classroom you must have a background check on file with the Main Office! Your B.C. is good for 5 years! Please do it!:)


This Week 

- Read stories about Kindergarten
- Class introductions
- Classroom Tour
- Playground rules
- Daily routines and schedules
- First Day of School Portraits
-The Kissing Hand Story and Activity

- Went to the Cafeteria!
- Go Noodle!
- Name Mosaics

- Switched classes to meet Mrs. Rider and Mrs. Girton
- Introduced color words
- practiced writing with lowercase


Important Dates and Reminders

Sept. 7th - 2 pm School Prayer Service in the church

Sept. 14th - First School Mass 9:30, afternoon cross procession to the green, Online Book Orders Due

Sept. 18th - K1 Visits the Book Fair

Sept. 21st - Green & White Tag Day! (your child can wear their regular play clothes on Tag Days)

Guest Reader Sign-Up Genius is out now!


Wednesday School Mass 

Holy Cross will be attending Wednesday 8:15 am mass every week starting on Sept. 19th

If you are running late, and we have already left the ELC, please drop off their belongings with Mrs. Zink and walk your child over to the church. Thanks!


Number Chart 

Please check inside your child's red folder for any information. If they have received a number for misbehaving please initial the calendar so I know you have seen it. Thanks!

August 2018

Welcome, Miss Hauss's Kindergarten Class of 2018-2019! 

I cannot believe it is that time again! I am so very excited to begin this year and create relationships with all of my students and their families. Working together as one to foster a love for learning is critical and I will do everything I can to help your child reach their full potential. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns before school begins! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Personal Belief Statement

Starting the Three-Year-Old Program and transitioning into a kindergarten teacher at Holy Cross has been such an honor.  As a graduate of Holy Cross, I am blessed to be able to come back and teach the little ones.  They are incredibly bright for such a young age, and it is wonderful to see their minds transform as they learn new things.  They love coming to school every day and they always have a big smile on their face when they enter the classroom. Five to Six years old is such a crucial time for brain development, and these students are constantly growing.  Every day they work on their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, phonemic awareness, body awareness, and social skills. There is never a dull moment with these children, and I think that is the reason why I love it so much!  Holy Cross is a fantastic school, and now being able to teach here just really makes this school a second home for me.  I look forward to seeing the students and I grow with the school throughout the years.