Next Week:

Phonics - Letter Vv

Math - Money - Adding coins together, ten frame addition, length

Science - Places Plants Grow

Religion- Gospel of the Week, Stations of the Cross, Resurrection Eggs

Field Trip April 3rd - Only the parent selected to be the class chaperon pays the $6 dollars. Students are paid for by the school. Thank you!


Walkathon Forms for the May School Walk are due back April 1st!

Kindergarten's Spirit Color is Burgundy



Monday - write letter /Vv/ 5 times each.

Tuesday - Use vet and ran in a sentence.

Wednesday - draw an AABB pattern

Thursday – Write Numbers 20-30 two times

Practice Reading List 16 at home for the spelling test on Friday!



Next Week:

Phonics - Letter /Bb/ Digraphs and Beginning Blends, inventive writing

Math - Practice Coins and Money

Religion - Gospel of the Week

Science - Severe Weather!!

*** Please say your morning goodbyes in the ELC lobby. Students will begin walking into the classroom on their own. This will help foster independence for our little ones and prepare them
for first grade. Thank you!



Monday - Write the letter /Bb/5x

Tuesday - Skip count by 2's to 20 and write the numbers

Wednesday - write a sentence with 2 words from Reading List 8

Thursday - Write numbers 20-30

(In small group your children have been practicing reading and writing new words on their own!)



February 5th - Chinese New Year Celebration

February - 11th Bring in your Valentines Day and 100th Day party item!

February 14th- $1 Red and Pink Tag Day Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sundaes



There are no scheduled conferences this Trimester but I am available to meet if anyone wants to talk about how their child is doing in school. Thank you!

Catholic Schools Week 2019!

Phonics - Letter K, sk blends, Reading Small Groups, Practice Spelling the Reading Words for Letter Kk Test on Friday!

Religion - Gospel of the Week

Science - Severe Weather

Literature Art - Rainbow Fish and Koala Bears
***** Our weekly Phonics test will now have a spelling component to them! Students will be tested on their ability to spell some of our reading words! Please practice practice practice at home


No Homework in the notebook for Catholic Schools Week.

But please...


Valentine's and 100th Day of School

Valentine's Day - Red and Pink Tag Day! Students can bring in valentines to pass out to the WHOLE class. Our class list is on my bulletin board in the hallway. We will also have an Ice Cream Sundae party.
The 100th day of school is almost here! Info about that is in your Thursday Communicator. Please ask me if you have questions.


January 27th - Open House 11am to 1pm (come visit after mass!)

January 28th - Catholic Schools Week mass @9:30am

January 29th - School Rosary @2

January 30th - 8:15 Mass 1:30 Volunteer Tea

January 31st - Celebrating Our Students, TAG DAY! Magician, 1:30 Volleyball Game! Bring in a can of SOUP or canned good for SOUPERBOWL Food Drive

February 1st - Celebrating Our Teachers, Science Guy @9:30, Talent Show @1:30

1-4-19 Newsletter

Next Week:

Letter Ff Week, Consonant Blends, Reading Small Groups

Religion - Gospel of the Week, Baptism of the Lord


Math - Telling Time to the Hour & Money, Counting Coins



Monday - Write the name of the city/town you live in two times

Tuesday - Write the letter S and F five times each capital and lowercase

Wednesday - Write two words that begin with "St-"

Thursday - Draw a picture from the AR book you read this week


Upcoming Dates:

January 4th - Epiphany Party 1:30 (parents are welcome!)

January 11th - Black and White Tag Day $1

January 13th - Assessment Week (please practice phone number, address, birthday, shoe tying and sight words)


Accelerated Reader

Students will begin AR and their quiz grades will be used as a reading comprehension grade for report cards. Please read the book with them on the night they bring it home and they will be given the quiz the next morning.  


Guest Reader

A Sign-Up Genius will be coming out if you would like to come read a story to our class. We would love to see some new faces!
Thank you to all of our awesome guests that have come in already this year! You Rock!

11-20-18 Newsletter

Review Week

I will be assessing students in all areas for Report Cards.

Science - Energy and the Sun

Religion - Gospel of the Week

Literature Art - Finishing Projects



Monday – Write Capital and Lowercase Mm 5 times

Tuesday – Write Numbers 10-20 one time super nice!!!!!!

Wednesday – Write a sentence using the word “ham”

Thursday – Draw and color an ABB Pattern



December 4th ELC Christmas Musical 6:30 Parish Hall (wear costume)

December 5th - K1 goes shopping at Secret Santa's Workshop (you can send money in ahead of time, cash only, no more than $20)

Students may be receiving a line in their Thursday Communicator for the Christmas Musical. They MUST practice it every night!!! The musical is Dec. 4th!



Sight Words and Reading Words are available on the Documents page of the K1 Holy Cross website. Students will be assessed on their ability to read these words correctly for Report Card grades. After the new year, there will be a spelling portion to their weekly tests. Practice! Practice! 


Book Orders

The flyers that will be coming home next week will be the last book order until February. A LOT of the students in K1 are reading. I encourage you to select some Level 1 readers. A great set of books, Bob Book's Beginning Readers, uses a lot of our reading words and sight words we know. Please check them out! Books make great Christmas gifts! Online Orders due Dec. 7th

11-15-18 Newsletter

Read more ...

11-8-18 Newsletter

Mr. Brown was our Surprise Guest Reader on Friday!


Next Week! 

Phonics - Letter Nn sound and handwriting

Religion - Gospel of the Week, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving

Literature Art - Letter N Art and Story

Science - Direction and Force

Math - Identifying shapes around us, Positional Words, 2D and 3D shapes

Winter Uniform is
now in effect.



Monday - Draw a picture that begins with letter N and try to spell the word. (parents don't tell them how to spell it!)

Tuesday - write numbers 0-20

Wednesday - Write a sentence using one reading word from List 2 and a sight word.

Thursday - Write one of the reading words from List 2 and draw a picture of it.

Christmas Musical 
Your child may be selected to read a line in the Christmas Musical on December 4th. You must practice that line every night! All children will be dressed up and be expected to be in the musical. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. S the Music teacher.


Sight Words & Reading Words

Sight Words and Reading Words will now be on a separate sheet of paper. Please return the reading lists when your child is able to read them all. I will assess the students on each list by the end of the week. The sight words will be on 1 list for the whole Trimester. Your child is expected to know the 25 sight words by Report Cards.

11-1-18 Newsletter

Next Week:

Phonics - Letter Aa (short a sound like Apple)

Religion - Gospel of the Week

Literature Art - "Almost Gone" African Antelope

Science - Collision Experiment, Direction and Force

Math - Greater and Less than, Missing Number

Winter Uniform is now in effect.



Monday - Write the letter /Aa/ 5x

Tuesday - Write the name of a saint who has a feast day on your birthday or has the same name as you!

Wednesday - Read a book with someone in your family and write the title

Thursday - Write the number __17__ and find the missing number before and after it


Dates and Reminders 
Nov. 7th - No School only 6th grade

Nov. 9th - Canned Food Tag Day and letter A show and tell

Your child may be selected to read a line in the Christmas Musical on December 4th. You must practice that line every night! All children will be dressed up and be expected to be in the musical. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. S the Music teacher.


Test Folders

Parents, If you still have your child's test folder that I gave to you at our conference, please return it to school with the assessments still inside it and your child's progress report signed. 


Extra Clothes

The change of clothes that is in your child's cubby is either missing some items due to a previous accident or needs to be updated with the recent change in weather. Please return the clothes on Monday morning.


10-18-18 Newsletter

Next Week:

Phonics - Letter /Pp/

Science- Pumpkin Science, Collision

Religion - Weekly Gospel

Math- Number Sequence, ordinal place, most and least

Literature Art- Finishing our Pinata, Panda story, and craft (only 2 students brought in candy for our Pumpkin Pinata!)



Monday - Write a sentence using a Sight Word
Tuesday - Write letters Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, Tt, & Pp
Wednesday – Form and AB pattern using circles & triangles
Thursday - Read a Book and write the name of it

Sight Words:
and, have, they, was, you, with, a

Reading Words
log, hog, tot, hot, lot, got, pot, pop, hop


Upcoming Dates

Oct. 23rd - Literacy Night

Oct. 24th - 25th Parent Teacher Conference (progress reports distributed)

Oct. 26th - Trunk or Treat

Oct. 30th - Kindergarten Halloween Party and Costume Parade @1pm-2:15

Oct. 31st - No School


I would like to remind you that your child must wear the school uniform every day! Navy Shocks - NOT BLACK, Gym Shoes- all white, Navy button and zip dress pants - not leggings or joggers. I am going to start writing dress code violations. 




Next Week:

Phonics - letter Pp beginning sound and handwriting

Science - When Objects Collide, Pumpkins

Religion - Gospel of the Week 

Math - Story Problem's Working with Shapes

Literature Art - Pumpkin Pinata!



Monday - Write the letters Pp 3x

Tuesday - Draw and color AB pattern using crayons

Wednesday - Write the word "Hot" and a word that rhymes with it

Thursday - Count by 10's and write the numbers as you count

Practice Sight Words - and, a, have, they, was, be, you, with 


Pumpkin Pinata! 

K1 is making a Pumpkin Pinata in Mrs. Girton's class. We need to fill the Pinata for K1's Halloween Celebration! Please send in a bag of candy or small prizes to stuff the pinata! 


Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 13th Fall Festival 

Oct. 16th $1 Tag day 

Oct. 17th Book Orders Due!

Oct. 19th Living Rosary 

Oct. 18th Coleman's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (students wear gym tshirt, jeans, and sneakers)