Welcome to Holy Cross School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Holy Cross School! I heartily commend you on your decision to provide your child with all the benefits of a Catholic school education. Our dedicated faculty is committed to meeting the individual needs of our students, as well as to maintain strong personal connections with our families. I strongly encourage you to partner with us in maintaining an open line of communication with your child's teachers in an effort to achieve the highest degree of success and achievement.

An invitation is extended to you to become an active participant in our school community through volunteering, and attending Holy Cross School events. Research clearly states that when parents/guardians participate and involve themselves in their child's education there is a higher likelihood of academic success for the child. Representatives of our dedicated Home and School Association would be happy to work with you in selecting opportunities for volunteering that will suit your personal schedule.

In choosing Holy Cross School you have made the decision to join a faith-filled, vibrant community where our sense of Catholic Identity is very strong. Pope Francis proclaimed "let us journey together" as Catholic education holds a three-fold mission of message, community, and service. We take great pride in our school as we have always strived to achieve these goals. I can assure you that our students are well founded in all three of these areas. It is worthy of note that in the spring of 2015, of the four local high schools, three of the senior class valedictorians were Holy Cross graduates.

Please, never hesitate in contacting me with any concerns. Our goal is to make a smooth transition for your child to their new school home.


Linda Pollitt