Role of the Council

The Pastor has the responsibility to administer the parish. Assisting him are several advisory groups, the chief of which is the Parish Pastoral Council. This Council is a body of elected and appointed representatives whose mission is to work in collaboration with the pastor and his associate priests to set priorities, to advise, encourage, and implement programs affecting all aspects of parish life. They hold monthly meetings, as do their several sub-committees.

The Pastor's role is to see that the council hears and applies the Word faithfully. He is to encourage involvement of all parishioners according to their respective gifts and to help coordinate and unify the Council and the parish. The Pastor is also the bridge to the Bishop and the Universal Church, ensuring unity of the parish and its Council with the Diocese.

Within the Parish Pastoral Council there exists several sub-committees that address specific needs in the parish. They are:
  • Liturgy Committee: Addresses the needs of public worship for the parish community by on-going formation regarding the elements of good liturgical practice, preparing liturgical celebrations, coordinating liturgical ministries, preparing worship environment and scheduling community worship.
  • Christian Formation: Concerned with the total Catholic Education in the parish, including, the elementary school and CCD program, sacramental formation, evangelization, and adult education.
  • Social Concerns: To inform and involve people and resources of the parish in service to one another and to the larger community.
  • Parish and Family Life: To promote Christian community and enrich family life within the parish community.
  • Building and Maintenance: To assist in providing for the necessary upkeep and repair of the parish property and buildings.
  • Hispanic Ministry: To build faith and fellowship in the Hispanic community, including sacramental formation, evangelization, social concerns, litury and quincinera celebrations.