General Cleanup Schedule

Cemetery management will conduct a general clean-up of the cemetery as outlined below.  Families are responsible and encouraged to remove items they wish to keep in advance of the scheduled clean-up.  Cemetery management is not responsible for items removed, lost or stolen.

Artificial flowers should be seasonal whenever possible and should be removed or replaced when out of season, faded or tattered.
  • Post-Christmas clean-up – the 1st weekend of March - (includes all Christmas decorations except artificial flowers)
  • Post-Holiday clean-up – 2 weekends after Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Father's Day - (includes decorations and potted plants)
  • Fall clean-up – last weekend of October prior to All Soul’s Day
  • Pre-Christmas clean-up – the 1st weekend of December - (includes all non-Christmas decorations except artificial flowers)
Clean-up notices will be posted in the parish bulletin and on this website.