Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Catholic Cemetery? First and foremost, a Catholic Cemetery is sacred and consecrated ground fitting for someone whose body was a temple of the Holy Spirit on earth and now awaits the resurrection from the dead.

Do I actually own the grave site or mausoleum space that I purchase?
No.  The cemetery ground and mausoleum are owned by the parish.  What you purchase is the “Right of Burial/Interment” in the specific space chosen.

Is it true that more than one human remains can be in a single space? Yes, and this has become very popular from both a cost and environmental perspective.  Up to three remains can be buried in a single in-ground space and two remains can be interred in a single mausoleum space.    Specifics can be obtained at the Parish Office.

What can I do to memorialize a loved one? The Rules and Regulations governing the DOs and DON’Ts had not been observed or enforced for many years.  However, that has changed and they are now being enforced to ensure the sacred character and to maintain good order of the cemetery.  Copies are available on this website or at the Parish Office.

What about cremation? The Church has changed its position on cremation and cremation has become increasingly popular.  The cremated remains are placed in an urn which should be interred in the ground or in the mausoleum.

What does is cost? The Cemetery Committee conducts a market survey annually of other surrounding cemeteries as well as those operated by the diocese in New Castle and Sussex Counties.  This is done to ensure our fees are both competitive yet reasonable, and can adequately cover the operational costs of the cemetery.  Contact the Parish Office for specifics.

Why is the mausoleum so much more expensive than in-ground grave space? Actually, that’s not necessarily true.  In addition to the space itself, consideration must be given to the in-ground grave costs incurred at the time of burial.  Those costs include grave opening & closing, a vault that encases the casket, a monument/headstone and perpetual care.

Does the parish provide a payment plan? A two year, interest free, financing program is available for purchases over $2,000.  Entering into a contract requires a 25% down payment plus a $200 administration fee; the balance is spread over 24 months.

What if I have more questions? See the Rules and Regulations section on this website or contact the Cemetery Administrator at 302-674-5787 ext. 135 at the Parish Office.