Home & School Association

The Holy Cross School Home and School Association is a support organization and has no role in the establishment of school policies, procedures, and practices. The association shall:

  • promote open communication between parents/guardians and the school’s administration, faculty, and staff;
  • promote goodwill, cooperation, and Christian values between and among parents and the school;
  • encourage a sense of community among the school, Holy Cross parish, all student-supplying parishes, and other relevant organizations by offering activities that assist the educational process by reinforcing the bond between school and home and enriching the wellbeing and safety of students;
  • direct and coordinate parents’ support through volunteerism, social functions, and fundraisers;
  • provide direct financial assistance to Holy Cross School
    • to offset operating expenses,
    • to fund new academic initiatives,
    • by purchasing items meeting the identified needs for individual classrooms,
    • to improve the physical environment of the school,
    • by enabling capital purchases that fall outside the school budget, or
    • for other identified improvements or enhancements;
  • respect and support all policies, procedures, and practices set forth by the school; and
  • support any other need deemed appropriate by the principal.