Ongoing Activities

These ongoing, fundraising activities always need your support.  We selected these activities because we feel they provide Holy Cross School with the best value for the least amount of effort.  The best reason to support these activities is that you do nothing more than shop as you normally do.  No extra cash or effort is required other than following the requirements for redemption.

Thank you for supporting all of these efforts.

Box Tops

Box Tops can be found on numerous food products. All you need to do is clip on or near the line and make sure the Box Top has not expired. The HSA will have 2 Box Top Rally’s each year.  The first will be during November and December.  The second will be during May.  So be sure to clip and save them.

For more information, go to the Box Tops website.


This only takes a few, easy steps to get started:

  1. Download the app to your phone or tablet.
  2. On the Choose Your School screen, select Holy Cross School.
  3. Pick the grade you would like to support.
  4. Take photos of your receipts.

Its that simple.

For more information, go to Shoparoo's website.

Happy Shopping!

Redner's 1% Save-A-Tape

Just place your receipts in a zip lock bag and have your child give them to their teacher. Redner’s will pay the school 1% of your total receipts in cash.

For more information, go to Redner's website.