Submitting Your Form

To ensure your student has their application considered before all other new applicants, you must return your completed New Sibling - Application Form, for grades Pre-K4 through Grade 8, or Pre-K3 - Application Form, for grade Pre-K3 only, along with the required fees to a school office.  Your family is not guaranteed placement of new siblings because of previous enrollment.

To download the 2019-2020 New Sibling - Application Form, click here.
To download the 2019-2020 Pre-K3 - Application Form, click here.

If your family has a sibling enrolled in Holy Cross School for last year, you must submit a Students Enrolled Currently - Registration Form that can be downloaded here.

Note:  If you have not submitted your application form by January 31, we will place new siblings and newly registering families on the class roster based on the receipt date of your form and the availability of a seat in the class.

Important Notice

Please review all web pages about Current Families re-registration, New Sibling application, Prospective Family application, and Tuition Assistance application.