Social Studies

Students will:
  • Explore concepts of community life.
  • Learn basic geography including continents, oceans, and neighboring countries to the United States.
  • Explore how people affect their communities and the world.


First grade lays the foundation for the children’s spiritual growth and development of their knowledge of the Catholic faith using Blest Are We textbook.

Students will:
  • Know we become Children of God through Baptism.
  • Know that God speaks to us in silence, the Bible, and through helpers.
  • Realize the great love God has for them.


Students will:
  • Learn how the scientific method works and try it first hand using Lab Learner
  • Gain an understanding of living verses nonliving things
  • Learn through experiments how matter can be measured and observed
  • Gain a greater respect for the environment by learning all about natural resources and how to take care of them


Students will:
  • Learn phonemic awareness and phonics through the Saxon Phonics program.
  • Learn reading strategies with the use of reading anthologies.
  • Read from a variety of genres.
  • Respond to reading through discussion and writing
  • Choose, read, and take quizzes on age appropriate leveled books to meet their individual reading needs with the Accelerated Reading program.


Students will:
  • Learn to add and subtract numbers using different types of manipulatives.
  • Learn how to tell time at the hour and half hour level.
  • Experience different ways to get to one dollar using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.
  • Learn how to create a variety graphs and interpret the data on them.


Students will:
  • Write for a variety of purposes using the writing process.
  • Write using the six traits process.
  • Write a personal narrative.
  • Listen to a model about a book report and identify its parts.


Students will be able to identify:
  • Types of sentences.
  • Types of nouns and pronouns.
  • Action verbs and adjectives in a sentence.
  • And apply capitalization and punctuation.