Our Heavenly Friend

"Pray, hope, and don't worry."
--Padre Pio

Padre Pio is our classroom saint. Each day our students will pass by his image and enjoy his heavenly intercession. Saint Padre Pio, pray for us in Pre K 1!

It's March Fun!

It's March and we hear the winds blowing!  Looks like March is coming in like a lion!

Our March Religion Theme is To Jesus through Mary:  Our Lady of Knock from Ireland very fitting for

March is the month of Irish Tradition!  The land of GREEN!  We will celebrate St. Patrick this month

and the little Irish Leprechauns! 

We will also celebrate our Dads on the Feast of St. Joseph; the father of Jesus on


Keeping with the color green.....Spring will finally show itself towards the end of March as well!

This month we will be talking about the letter M, N and V. 

We will continue our journey through the season of Lent learning about different people in the Bible

who said, Yes to God!  We will also discuss how we can say, Yes to God!

We end March with a visit from our Prayer Service with our 8th graders to participate in a celebration 

of Our Lord's Last Supper.

As you can see March holds lots of fun in Pre-K 1!

Please continue to check out the Documents section of the web page for Our Saintly News filled with 

our adventures of the week! 

Fantastic February

February is here and we have lots to celebrate this month!

Read, Read, Read, February is I LOVE TO READ MONTH!

We have parent readers coming in to class to read to us this month, our

prayer partners will visit and read to us this month as well.  We are reading

in our "reading rockets" during center time!  It is a big reading month! 

Holy Cross will also be hosting a Literacy Week where the whole school will

be participating in different reading activities!  Check out the school website

for more details!

February is also the month that we talk about Dental Health.

Lent begins in February on February 14th.  We will go to Mass and receive 

ashes; return to our room for a Saint Valentine's Day snack and giving of

cards next we will head home for a 11:30 Early Dismissal.

We celebrate two Feast Days in February:  the Feast of Saint Blaise with the 

Blessing of the Throats and the Feast of Saint Valentine.  

Our Religion Theme for the year is To Jesus Through Mary; this month we 

will learn our about Our Lady of Lourdes.

We will celebrate Mardi Gras on Tuesday the 13th with beads and King Cake 

as well as Shrove Tuesday with a pancake breakfast!  (My Dad will come in 

and make pancakes for the children!)  We feast on Tuesday because

Wednesday begins our Lenten Fast.

Our Letters for the month of February are R, K & A.  We will also learn

about number 10 this month.  

Check out the Documents section for more of what we are doing in 


January Fun

Happy New Year!  We are off and running in 2018!  Winter is upon us and we have had several snow

days already!  We celebrated the New Year with hats and noise makers!  We broke open glow sticks

in honor of the birth of Our Lord, Jesus is the Light of the World!  

This month is filled with many special events, Space Day, Pirate Day, Winter Wonderland and Catholic

Schools Week!

We learned about Dr. Martin Luther King and how his dream is like God's Dream!  

New this year is our class going to morning Mass on Wednesdays with both our school and parish 

families!  It is a wonderful way to start our day!

Remember to check out the Documents Section for things we do each week!


December News 2017

"And then there was Christmas!

We start December with the First Week of Advent.  Our focus for December will be getting ready for Christmas!

Our religion theme:  To Jesus Through Mary; Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our letters of study this month are G-God and J-Jesus.

We wish everyone a Holy Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

November Fun

November News!

November is here and so are our preparations for our Thanksgiving Feast!  We have a lot to be 

thankful for in Pre-K 1 this year! We have a lovely class of wonderful fours years!  Many of them are  

already starting to turn five!  

We started November with an All Saints Day School Mass.  We all dressed in our Saint in the Making 

Capes and Halos.  We celebrated ourselves as Saints in the Making by sharing the words that our

parents used to describe us as Saints in the Making.  Thursday was All Souls Day and we prayed for 

the people and pets that we know are in Heaven with God.  We also celebrated the feast day of 

Martin de Porres, "Brother Broom"; called so because he was so helpful to others.  We all told how we 

are helpful to others and played a game of helping Brother Broom sweep the mice from the kitchen!


This month we will be learning the letters C, O and Q as well as finishing up our shapes with the 

octagon.  Our themes this month will be The Food Pyramid, Staying Healthy and Thanksgiving.

We will be creating many things as we get  ready for our Feast and Prayer Service on Tuesday,

November 21st.


Our religion theme is To Jesus through Mary and this month we will be learning about Our Lady of

Knots.  Pope Francis has a special devotion to Our Lady of Knots.  We will also be celebrating the

Feast of Christ Our King.  We will begin the Advent season with a special Advent Prayer Service in the


Please remember to look at the Documents section to see what is going on each week.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! 

October News 2017

Fall leaves are falling....October is here and Autumn is upon us!  We are starting school days with cool, crisp sunny days!  It's wonderful sweater weather!  

Our Religion Theme this school year is "To Jesus Through Mary".  We will be learning about Our Lady of Fatima this month.  It has been 100 years since her apparition to the children of Fatima.  We will also celebrate many Feast Days in October:  Feast of Our Guardian Angels, Feast of St. Francis, and Feast of the Holy Rosary.  We will also pray the Holy Rosary together as a school in October. Did you know that Christopher Columbus prayed the Rosary on board the Santa Maria?  We will be talking about him as well this month!  Mrs. Jones will visit to teach us more about Our Lady of Fatima.  Bishop Malloly will visit the school on October 26th.  We have been practicing a special song about Mary to sing to him!


We be learning the letters E, T, H, I, and U this month.  We will also be learning about the shapes, circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, heart , octagon and star.  Our Classroom themes will be Families, Emotions, Transportation, People who keep us Healthy and Safe, and Under the Sea!  


Conferences will be scheduled for October 23rd and 24th.  Look for information inside of the White Thursday Communicator.  
We will also have our first field trip on Monday, October 30th.  Children are to wear their green T-Shirts for this event.  Halloween Parade and Celebration will be on Tuesday, the 31st at 10:00.  Please send your child  to school dressed in his/her costume!


October is shaping up to be a fun and busy month!  Check your calendar to see what else is going on in Pre-K 1! 

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Holy Cross School Pre-K 1

We have started our year on a positive note.  We have 18 wonderful children in our classroom!  We have started learning the classroom procedures and rules.  We are off to a wonderful start.

Please check the documents section of the webpage to read the class Our Saintly News each week.  It contains information about what we did this week and what books we read as well as what we will be doing next week.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year!