To Jesus Through Mary

Week of September 5

Happy New (School) Year! I hope everyone had a terrific first day of school; we sure did in 6th grade. Students are practicing those combination locks and bringing in money for their student agenda this week. 

This week 6th grade begins the "Gearing Up!" unit about ways to succeed in middle school.  We will explore the growth mindset, an acronym to help our success (CROSS), and organizational skills.  They will be completing their first journal entry explaining what each letter stands for and giving an example of each as it pertains to being a successful student. In Grammar, they are exploring why we study grammar.

7th grade will be starting a collaborative writing or Collabo-Writing unit this week. They are planning a digital storyboard and creating a story strategically using transitions. In grammar, they are reviewing parts of speech.

8th grade begins the year working with story starters which will prepare them for their narrative writing. They will also be reviewing all parts of speech in grammar.

Please be on the lookout for forms that need to be completed, signed, and returned to school. Have a great week!

Welcome Back!

 Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, 9/7, we hope to see you at the HSA Back to School Bash at 5:30. Come celebrate our new year!  

Friday, 9/8, is our Back to School Prayer Service at 1:30 PM when our school will come together in church to celebrate our new year. Please join us if you can; we are so happy that you are a part of our school family. Our theme this year is "To Jesus, through Mary".