week of 2.27.2017

This week ends trimester 2! We welcome our Middle States team of visitors and begin Lent this week. Here is the weekly outlook:

6th grade continues their study of pronouns and has a quiz on Wednesday.

7th grade is revising and editing their letters for the Great Mail Race. 

8th grade is expanding their understanding of in-text citations and academic honesty.


Upcoming dates:

Ash Wednesday, 3.1 - 9:30 Mass

Friday, 3.3 - 11:50 dismissal for students, End of Trimester 2

Saturday, 3.4- Odyssey of the Mind, Father/Daughter Dance

Friday, 3.10 - Mary's Way Stations, 1:30 PM

Thursday, 3.16 - report cards go home

Friday, 3.17 - Green tag day, $1

Saturday, 3.18 - St. Patrick's Day Parade


week of 2.22.2017

It's nice to have full classes again! I hope everyone is feeling healthy and ready to finish up this trimester. Yes, the trimester ends next Friday!  Here is the weekly outlook:

6th Grade- They are studying pronouns after linking verbs and using pronouns in compounds this week. Students are sharpening their questioning skills by writing an interview with a famous person. They will have a pronoun quiz next week on sections 3-6.

7th Grade- Students did a great job with their skits! This week 7th grade begins writing letters. In grammar, students are reviewing complex and compound-complex sentences.

8th Grade- This week brings lessons on parenthetical citations and creating a Works Cited page. Students will also investigate idioms.

week of 2.6.2017

Thank you for a wonderful Catholic Schools Week! This week we are finding our routine and getting back to work.

6th grade begins their study of pronouns. This week covers pronouns, antecedents, subject, object, and possessive pronouns.

7th grade is collaborating in small groups to present a skit for the class this week. This skit is based on the new ending of the story that they wrote.

8th grade is finishing their timeline about an invention and writing an informative piece about the impact of their invention on life today. 

Upcoming dates:

Friday, 2/10- Mother/Son Dance

Tuesday, 2/14- Red & Pink Tag Day, $1

Wednesday, 2/15- 11:50 dismissal

Thursday, 2/16- $1 HSA Tag Day, Family Fun Skating Night

Friday, 2/17- Dance 6-8 PM

Monday, 2/20- President's Day- no school

week of January 29

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  This week we celebrate our community of faith, knowledge, and service. Our week is filled with special events including mass, student appreciation day, celebrating our nation, and thanking our clergy. Among our fun-filled festivities, we will work on a review of parts of speech in class and continue working on our writing projects. Thank you for supporting our Catholic school!

week of January 23

This week 6th grade will finish their review of adverbs and adjectives with an assessment on Thursday. Their writing this week is incorporating modifiers and supporting main idea with details.

7th grade is finishing their draft of a new ending to a popular story. They are working on punctuating dialogue correctly.

8th grade is finishing their study of moods of verbs and will have a quiz at the end of the week. They are also beginning a new unit where they will research an invention.

Honors Luncheon is tomorrow. Congrats to those scholars!

Please return permission slips and money for student appreciation day by Friday, January 27. Thank you!

Next week is Catholic Schools Week! Please refer to the school website for a complete calendar of events.


week of January 16

6th grade students continue to practice supporting main ideas with details in their writing. In their writing they are incorporating descriptions of the giant pandas they observed this week via The National Zoo's webcam.

Our 7th graders are having a great time rewriting the ending to a story while they practice writing dialogue.

The 8th grade is working on writing for a specific audience and purpose. They are writing song lyrics to teach an educational concept. They are learning that creating "edutainment" can be challenging and fun! They also continue to work on moods of verbs.


week of January 9

Snow! Snow Day 1 activities for A day are due when we come back to school. 

6th and 7th grade are finishing their review of adjectives this week and writing about New Year celebrations. 8th grade is doing a creative writing exercise and beginning Moods of Verbs.

Upcoming dates:

Friday, 1/13, Black and White out of uniform day - $1 sponsored by Student Council

Monday, 1/16, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, no school

Friday, 1/20, Mid-marking period

week of January 3

Happy New Year!

Today is the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. Students are looking at what is in a name, researching the meaning of their own name, and writing acrostics using adjectives and adjective phrases. Also this week, students are exploring how the New Year is celebrated around the world. They are reading an informative article and doing grade appropriate writing about main ideas, details, and word analysis.

week of Dec 19

This week 6th grade is finishing their exploration of Christmas around the world by creating a slide show teaching the class about a holiday tradition from another culture. 

7th Grade will be writing a poem in a similar rhyme scheme to One Horse Open Sleigh that they studied last week.

8th Grade is finishing comparing primary sources about the Christmas Truce of 1914. They will be reviewing the characteristics of primary and secondary sources.

Important dates:

Tuesday, Christmas Concert 6 PM

Wednesday, Christmas Rosary, 9:30 AM

Thursday, Red and Green TAG day, $1 and 11:50 dismissal

Friday, no school for Christmas break

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! See you on January 3, 2017!


week of November 7

Vocations Awareness Week

Grade 6- This week students are reading "The Ladybug And The Priest" and looking at perspective writing. They are also using their personal novels to find examples of different sentence structures.

Grade 7 is writing a Colonial times news article this week.  In grammar they continue to study dangling and misplaced modifiers.

Grade 8 is practicing identifying and forming active and passive voice of verbs this week. They are also creating end notes for their historical fiction.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, 11.9 Diocesan Vocations Rally for 6th grade

Friday, 11.11 Red, White, and Blue out-of-uniform Day $1 (sponsored by Student Council)

                   Veteran's Day Prayer Service 1:30 PM

                   School Dance 6-8 PM

Tuesday, 11.15 HSA Chick-Fil-A Night  (Camden location)

Thursday, 11.17 Picture make-up day

Friday, 11.18 End of Trimester 1


week of October 24

Grade 6-  There is a test Thursday on The Sentence: subjects, predicates, compound and complex sentences, fixing run-ons and fragments. In Writing students are finishing their personal narrative.

Grade 7- Students are revising their persuasive essays in Writing. There is a quiz on clauses on Friday.

Grade 8- Writing a story from the point of view of an object from the Gettysburg Traveling Trunk. They are focusing on dialogue and specific details in this story. The Grammar focus this week is punctuating dialogue.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday- First Responders Day

Thursday- Bishop Malooly's visit

Tuesday, 11.1 All Saint's Day mass

Friday, 11.4 No school for students - Teacher In-Service


week of October 10

Grade 6 continues to explore descriptive writing by describing their favorite memory. In their writing, they are varying sentence type and structure. Grammar includes the study of conjunctions, compound sentences, and complex sentences.

Grade 7 shares the explanations of their personal logos and mottos this week. They are using adjective and adverb phrases in their writing.

Grade 8 finishes the design of their grammar games this week reviewing verbals, and they are preparing for an assessment. Research essays are done, and they are working on narrative skills like dialogue and descriptive details to prepare for the next writing project.

The Fall Festival is quickly approaching! Donations of gift cards are accepted all week for the silent auction baskets. Thanks for your support! 

Parent-Teacher conferences are slated for Monday (no school for students) and in the afternoon Tuesday (11:50 dismissal for students). Please contact me if you would like to meet regarding your child's progress.

Coming up: Next Friday, 10-21, is an out-of-uniform day. The cost is a canned good for our food pantry. Thank you!

week of September 19

6th Grade is reviewing types of sentences, subjects and predicates this week. They are also writing a description of their favorite place using sensory language. The description writing in the Writer's Notebook is due Thursday, as well as pages 2 & 3 in the workbook. 

7th Grade is continuing their work studying phrases and clauses. They are also doing research about a public or historical figure and writing a poem about that person from a first-person perspective. The poems are due Friday.

8th Grade continues to discover how participial phrases can add interest to sentences. They will be writing about conclusions they find from interviewing adults about skills they learned in first jobs that help in everyday life or future jobs.

Don't forget... green and white TAG day and the HSA movie night this Friday! 

Learning more about St. Teresa of Calcutta

Here are some basic facts about St. Teresa of Calcutta: http://www.catholic.org/news/hf/faith/story.php?id=70711 

Pope Francis talks about Mother Teresa: https://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/pope-francis-st.-teresa-of-calcutta-was-a-generous-dispenser-of-gods-mercy 

One news clip about St. Teresa of Calcutta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vz438cZOqc   

You can also hear St. Teresa speak in a 1974 interview in Ireland here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th2QzJwy8tI

Listen, watch, and read to learn all about our new saint. How did she live out the Fruits of the Holy Spirit? How can you follow her example? Cite examples from the sources above.

Week of September 6

I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend! We all celebrated our Come, Holy Spirit theme with a mind, body, spirit day last Friday, building community in our classes and middle school. We learned about how the Fruits of the Spirit help us do God's work. 

This week 6th grade is continuing the "Get in Gear for a Great Year Unit" with a discussion of following the way of the CROSS to succeed in middle school. Ask them what this acronym means. They are completing their first journal entry explaining what each letter stands for and giving an example of each as it pertains to being a successful student. In Grammar, they are exploring why we study grammar.

7th and 8th grades are continuing their Collaborative Writing or Collab-O-Writing this week. They are planning a storyboard and creating a story strategically using transitions. They will enjoy sharing their stories with the class. They will also be doing a grammar pretest this week.

Thank you for returning all the beginning of the year forms in such a timely manner! Life Skills permission slips for 6th grade are due Thursday, 9-8. Have a great week!

Welcome Back!


Happy New (school) Year! It was wonderful to meet the new families last night at the Social. This morning the middle school awoke with the bustling of students finding their rooms and dropping off school supplies. We continue to celebrate with our Back to School night this evening. So much excitement!

  Monday is an early dismissal day. Students, come to homeroom and we will take care of locker assignments, binder set-ups, and new year business. Tuesday, the students will see all of their teachers. Parents, please look for papers that need signing and completing. One of those papers explains how to sign up for Remind texts. Wednesday and Thursday will be A and B days respectively, and we will finish the week with an early dismissal day on Friday. 

 Friday is our Back to School Prayer Service when our school will come together in church to celebrate our new year. We are so happy that you are a part of our school family.