K3 Weekly News for November


K3 Weekly News

November 6th-10th


Prayers: Please practice these to help your child learn the words

  • Hail Mary

  • Grace before meals

  • Prayer to the Guardian Angel


Calendar facts

  • Days of the Week/ Month/Year/ Numbers/Patterns/Seasons


Saxon Phonics/ Language Arts

  • Letter “Aa” and letter sounds/ Vowels/Consonants

  • Rhyming words

  • Practice recognizing and spelling new words

  • Our “Decodable Reader” book is coming home. Your child needs to read

    Hot, Hot, Hot! to 3 people and send it back to school. This is a graded assignment.

  • Letter Blends and Compound Words


Saxon Math

  • Adding numbers

  • Covering designs with pattern blocks

  • Identify the order of numbers and identify missing numbers

  • Writing numbers/ Recognizing numbers


Religion: Catching up on Gospel Weeklies


Science: The sun and energy


Story and Letter of the Week Art project: “There’s An Alligator Under My Bed”/ Alligator art


Friday Show and Tell:


Your child is to write down a word that begins with the letter “A”. The student must understand what the word means and be able to tell the class three clues about it. Students are not allowed to use the word “Apple” or “Alligator” because we have already used it in class so much. Be creative! We will have a fun time learning new words.


Homework- Please don’t skip pages


Due Tuesday- Read and write: I had fun on Halloween! (Use finger spacing between words)

Due Wednesday- Read and write at, pat, pop, top, and tap-3 times each(lower case letters)

Due Thursday- Look for words that begin with ”a” for Show and Tell

Due Friday- Write out your phone number 3 times


         ***   No school for students(except 6th grade) on Wednesday, the 8th


         ***   Bring $1.00 and wear red, white, and blue on Friday!