Over Thanksgiving Break...

Finish memorizing "Jingle Bells".

We only have 2 practices after Thanksgiving Break before the parade!

Pay attention to articulation! Tongue the notes, making them clear and precise

Tip of the tongue at the top of the teeth!


Work your concert pieces as well. Our concert is less than a month away! 

Trumpets and Trombones

This is a good time to "bathe" your instrument. This should be done once a month

to keep it clean and sanitary.

You will need your Trumpet or Trombone Care Cleaning Kit to do this.

Here are the respective videos in how to do this at home.

Don't worry! It's easy but you MUST follow the steps in the video.

I suggest watching the 5 minute video all the way through before you actually start

to bath it. 

Refer to the video as you actually are bathing your instrument for step by step








End of Year Checklist

Band Students

  • Have instrument professionally cleaned

    (Trumpet and trombones you can do this yourself. See my 5th Grade Band web page for “how to video”)


  • Have instrument professionally serviced.

    If you are renting your instrument, this is should be covered in your rental agreement.

    Check with the store to be sure.


The earlier you get them into be serviced the quicker you will have them back.

DO NOT wait until August to have it professionally serviced or cleaned.

You will NOT have them back in time for class.

No instrument, no grade.


Begin your summer band packet. See in post below.

Read over it with your parents and make sure you return what you need to

on the first day of class for a grade and possible extra credit.

Summer Band Packet for 2017-2018 7th and 8th Graders!

Please click on the documents below and print out for your

new 7th and/or 8th grade band student!


pdf How to have the best productive practice time (223 KB)


This is for a grade and will be due at their first class of the new school year.


pdf 7th and 8th Grade Band Summer Packet (57 KB)



I wish everyone a fun and recharging summer and look forward to the new school year!