Happy Easter Break!

Happy Easter Break!


Our Spring Concert will be approaching sooner than you think!


It is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15th.


Students will need a music shirt for the day performance on the 15th.

We also have music jackets that will be ordered. The jackets are optional, but strongly

encouraged, especially for band when they march next year.


These shirts and jackets will be worn for all 3 years of middle school for both

band and chorusplease keep this in mind when ordering. 


Please print out a copy of the  pdf Music Shirt Order Form (90 KB) and submit form and payment

no later than Wednesday, April 11th. 


If you wish to order a music jacket, please print out the  pdf Holy Cross Music Jacket Order Form (43 KB) and 

submit form and payment by the same date, Wednesday, April 11th. 


The following pieces from the Red Method Sound innovations Book are what the students

should be working on at home.


#49 Marching Madness - Tempo 120

#50 Rock This Band - Tempo 112

#64 Frere' Jaques - Tempo 112

#72 Serenade - Tempo 50

#73 Academic Festival Overture - Tempo 120


While they are still getting the notes and rhythms under their fingers,

they should take the speed (tempo) a little slower to make sure they are practicing the

correct notes and rhythms.  

The noted "Tempo" markings above are for students to work toward once the proper notes

and rhythms are solid.


Students are strongly encouraged to use a Metronome while practicing at home

to help them keep proper tempo (speed).


If your students has a tablet or smartphone, a free Metronome app can be downloaded


Search in the App Store for "Metronome".


I recommend "MetroTimer".




Students should be practicing the following

As we come upon Thanksgiving Break, I want to remind students that while they are enjoying family, 

friends and food, they should continue practicing their instrument each day.


All instruments have reached page 8 in their books and should be practicing pages 8 through 10.


Pay attention to and study the information in the blue boxes on the pages.

This is important stuff!

There are a few students who have mastered page 10 already and may proceed to page 11.


Trumpets and Trombones


This is a good time to "bathe" your instrument. This should be done once a month

to keep it clean and sanitary.

You will need your Trumpet or Trombone Care Cleaning Kit to do this.

Here are the respective videos in how to do this at home.

Don't worry! It's easy but you MUST follow the steps in the video.

I suggest watching the 5 minute video all the way through before you actually start

to bath it. 

Refer to the video as you actually are bathing your instrument for step by step








Practice Log Sheet

Please feel free to print out the  pdf Practice Log Sheet (29 KB) for your convenience in my "Document" section. 



Percussionists and Flutes

Percussionists - p. 4 - Memorize the names of the lines and spaces of the Treble Clef

                       p. 5 - Practice line #2 - note "D" -

                                                          use proper mallet hold and

                                                              silence the bell plate after 4 beats

                                                              count the whole rest (1, 2, 3, 4)


Flutes - p. 4 - Memorize the names of the lines and spaces on the Treble Clef

           Practice proper breathing - from the tummy (diaphragm)

           With proper breathing, the shoulders should not raise up and down.

           The tummy should go in and out.


           Using your mouthpiece (headjoint) - practice proper sitting position

                                                               (sit on edge of the chair with feet flat on the floor) and

                                                               blow into the mouthpiece

                                                                   getting a good strong tone for 8 full beats. 

                                                               Can you hold it out longer?

                                                               Make sure it's a good strong and clear tone.



Band Lesson Schedule

5th Grade



Beginning Band










8th Period


2:01-2:21 Percussion








8th Period

















ALWAYS bring …


Pencil (with eraser), Method Book and Instrument

End of year Check List

Band Students

  • Have instrument professionally cleaned

    (Trumpet and trombones you can do this yourself. See below for “how to video”)


  • Have instrument professionally serviced.

    If you are renting your instrument, this is should be covered in your rental agreement.

    Check with the store to be sure.


The earlier you get them into be serviced the quicker you will have them back.

DO NOT wait until August to have it professionally serviced or cleaned.

You will NOT have them back in time for class.

No instrument, no grade.


Begin your summer band packet. See in post below.

Read over it with your parents and make sure you return what you need to

on the first day of class for a grade and possible extra credit.

Summer Packet for Incoming 6th Graders

Please click on the documents below and print out for your new 6th grade band student!


This is for a grade and will be due at their first class of the new school year.


pdf How to have the best productive practice time (223 KB)



pdf 6th Grade Band Summer Packet (73 KB)



Trumpets and Trombones!

Over the Christmas Break, please "Bath your instrument"


Here are the step by step videos to do it at home. This will save you a ton of money!


Trumpets - 



Trombones -