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Welcome to Spanish!

Welcome to an exciting new school year learning Spanish! As the new elementary Spanish teacher, I am thrilled to teach such a vibrant and globally important subject and to connect with the wonderfully talented elementary students of Holy Cross school.

In accordance with the Diocese of Wilmington world language curriculum, elementary students will be introduced to the Spanish language and culture. The primary goal for the introductory Spanish program is for students to develop Spanish communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will develop cultural awareness and appreciation for the global Hispanic community.

Each student is expected to arrive promptly to class, to be prepared to participate, to show a positive attitude, to demonstrate polite and respectful behavior, to show pride in self and in our wonderful school and finally, to be productive.

Initially, students will learn to use courtesy expressions and appropriate greetings and to learn to identify letters and sounds of the Spanish alphabet, numbers and colors. They will learn Catholic prayers in Spanish. Students will learn about various Hispanic Catholic religious traditions, as well as, the holidays, traditions, history and art of individual Latin American countries. The curriculum also includes identifying the individual contributions of Hispanics to the global community.

¡Ruega por nosotros, Santa Madre de Dios!

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.

Mrs. Vitale