Middle School Religion 5/7

7th Grade Class trip to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia on May 24 from 8:15-4:30.  Field trip permission slips were sent home in the May 4 communicator.  Please have the permission slips back by May 17.  Chaperones are welcomed.

6th Religion:  We finished unit 3 and will start with chapter 17 (pages 149-154).  We will read about the role of the rulers of Israel during the period of Judges.  The quiz will be on Tuesday, May 23.

7th Social Studies:  We have started our studies on the Constitution (pages 252-271)  We will study the Preamble, the 7 articles and the 27 amendments. We will also look at the ideas behind the Constitution and the 7 Principles of the Constitution.  The test will be on Monday, May 22.

8th Religion:  We are now on the downslide, we will quiz out of chapter 16 this week and start preparations for the final exam next week.

Middle School Religion 4/2

2/7..Mass @ 9:30   

6th Grade Religion:  Pages 123-128 in the Religion book.  In this chapter the students will learn how God saved the Israelites through the story of the bronze serpent.  In keeping with Lent, we will reflect on the power of Jesus' death to reconcile all people to his Father.  We will also come to see the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation as a powerful means of reconciliation and an aid to growth in virtue.

7th Grade Social Studies:  Chapter 7 Lesson 1 pages 204-209.  In this chapter students will learn about some of the challenges the new government of the United States faced after the Revolution.  We will first study the power the states reserved and the weaknesses of the national government under the Articles of Confederation.  We will also start looking in to the making of the Constitution.

8th Grade Religion:  We are now practicing for the Living Stations presentation scheduled for 1:30 on April 12 in the Church.  The Living Stations involve acting our the scene of each of the 14 Stations of the Cross along with narration and music.  Above all they are a prayer focused on the passion and death of Christ.  Students will be practicing during the afternoon classes when they have Religion or Language Arts.  A participation grade will be given in Religion.

Middle School Religion/Social Studies 3/23

6th:  We have been studying the season of Lent, the events of Holy Week (to include the Triduum) and the Resurrection on Easter of Jesus. We are comparing the Resurrection stories contained in the four Gospels.  We will have a test on the lesson on Friday Mar. 31.

7th:  We have finished up ch. 6, lesson 4 and will test out of chapter 6 on Thursday Mar. 30.  We will then start chapter 7, lesson 1 pgs. 204-209) which will deal with how the new states developed their constitutions and the weaknesses of the national government under the Articles of Confederation.  We will discuss the economic problems that led to our first rebellion (Shays) after the war.

8th:  We will have our unit 3 (ch. 10-14) test on Monday Mar. 27.  We will then begin practice for the Living Stations.  The Living Stations will be performed in the Church at 1:30 on April 12.

Middle School Religion/Social Studies 3/5


Terra Nova testing week 20-24 of March.  1/2 day March 24////Green-Tag Day Mar. 17 $1.00.

6th Grade:  We started chapter 13 (pages 91-96) In this chapter students will study the Israelites' decision not to enter Canaan, which showed they needed a stronger faith in God.  Students will learn that we are held responsible for the decisions that we make and the consequences of the decisions.  Students will be encouraged to base decisions  on their obligations and on Christian principles and to always consider the consequences.  We will discuss conscience and how a well informed conscience will aid in our decision making.

7th Grade Social Studies:  The revolution has began.  We are in section 2 of chapter 6 (pages 179-185).  We will learn how the American won their independence.  We will look at the Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Saratoga as the turning points of the war.  We will also discuss how foreign aid in money, manpower and supplies help seal the victory.

8th Grade Religion:  We started chapter 13 (pages 95-100).  In this chapter students will receive an overview of the Church in the Middle Ages.  They will receive a brief history lesson of the European world at that time where governments broke down or were non-existent.  Students will learn how the Church filled the void and became, in many instances, the only working government.  We will read how kings and queens came to the Church seeking ways to strengthen their positions over the people.  Students will also learn more about the missionary works of both the monks and the nuns.

Middle School Religion 2/21

Repetition is the Mother of Knowledge.  Some think that if we have no written homework, then there is no homework.  We must take time to read over our notes and text books each night in every subject. The more you review, the more you retain.

6th Grade Religion:  Chapter 12, pages 83-90.  Students should become more aware of the Sinai Covenant setting the Israelites apart as a chosen people of God.  We will review the Ten Commandments and understand the intent of each commandment.

7th Grade Social Studies:  Chapter 6/lesson 1, pages 170-178.  We will study why the colonies went from petitions to independence.  We will discuss the debate in the Continental Congress pertaining to independence and the story behind the Declaration of Independence.  We will also study the document written by the Committee of Five and analyze it's contents.  We will also look at Thomas Paine's contribution to independence by reading excerpts from his pamphlet Common Sense.  We will look at the English philosopher John Locke and how his theories on government influenced Thomas Jefferson in his writing of the Declaration of Independence.

8th Grade Religion:  Chapter 12 pages 87-94.  In this chapter, students will study the Roman persecutions that threatened to eliminate the Church and the heresy that divided it.  It is hoped that we find inspiration  in the actions of the martyrs and defenders of the  faith.  We will learn of the works of the Church Fathers and the monks and how they were challenged to increase their trust in God's love for them.

Middle School Religion/Social Studies 2/3

We had a very busy week, with Catholic School celebrations and also keeping up on our academics.  

6th Grade:  We will start chapter 11 pages 77-82.  In this chapter we will learn that the covenant at Sinai created a loving relationship with God and the Jewish nation, showing them how they could live as people of God and attain the happiness they were seeking.  We will be led to a deeper realization that God is with them, taking loving care of them.  We will have a quiz at the end of this chapter.  Quiz on Wednesday, Feb 15

7th Grade Social Studies: Pages 151-163.  We will look at the 2nd Continental Congress and their accomplishments.  We will look at the steps taken by the congress to appease England (Olive Branch Petition) and explain the significance of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  We will have a test on this chapter when we finish the lesson.  Chapter 5 Test on Thursday, Feb. 16.

8th Grade:  We will start chapter 11 pages 81-86.  We will continue to focus on the Acts of the Apostles and of Paul's conversion.  We will look at the importance of both Peter's' and Paul's evangelization of the Gentiies.  The Council of Jerusalem is explored as a turning point in the Church's mission to bring the Gospel to all nations.  We will have a quiz at the end of this chapter.

Jr. High Religion and Social Studies 1/18

6th Grade Religion:  We started chapter 10 (pages 69-76).  in this chapter we will learn how God delivered the Chosen People from slavery in Egypt.  We will see how events connected with the Exodus prefigure God's saving action in the mystery of Christ.  We will also be introduced to the Jewish celebration of Passover, which recalls God's saving action.  Quiz will be on Wednesday, Feb. 1

7th Grade Social Studies:  We are now studying chapter 5 lesson 3 (pages 150-153)  Even though this lesson has only 4 pages, we will have a lot of information to absorb.  We will learn about the Tea Act, The Boston Tea Party, Quebec Act and the First Continental Congress and their accomplishments.  We will look at key figures in these events. Quiz will be on Thursday, Feb 2

8th Grade Religion:  We will start chapter 9 pages 63-66.  In this lesson we will study the 4th and last Mark of the Catholic Church: Apostolic.  During our studies we will gain a brief overview of the apostles as the early Church leaders and the Pope and Bishops as their successors.  We will reflect on the notion , as followers of Christ, we too, are called to help serve the mission of the Church.  Upon completion of this chapter we will have a Unit Test pages 42-69.  Unit 2 test will be on Monday (Jan. 23) and Tue. (Jan. 24)

Middle School Religion 12/20

My wife and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and relaxing holiday.   I will be giving extra credit to each of my three classes to be completed over the holidays.  The assignments will be due back the first day back (Jan. 3).  The points will be added to the lowest test/quiz grade at the end of the 2nd trimester.  Snow packets went out with the Thursday Folders (12/22).  Be sure to put them in a safe place where they can be found.  My packets will be worth a homework grade.

6th Grade Religion:  We will start ch. 8 (pgs 53-60) when we return from Christmas.  This chapter will trace the events in the life of Joseph, the son of Jacob (Israel), and learn how God brings good out of situations that seem hopeless.  We will also explore the concept of Christ's prefigurement in Old Testament people and events.  We will have a quiz on this chapter once it is completed.  This will bring us to the end of Unit 2 which means we will have a test on chapters 6,7 and 8.  The ch 8 quiz will be on Thursday, Jan. 12 and the unit 2 test on Tuesday Jan. 17

7th Grade Social Studies:  Will start ch.5/L2 (pgs. 145-149) when we return from vacation.  In this lesson, students will focus on how the French and Indian War affected the relationship between the colonists and the British government.

8th Grade Religion:  Chapter 8 (pages 57-62).  We will examine the universal nature of the Church.

Jr. High Religion and Social Studies 11/29

I hope everyone had a very restful Thanksgiving, now we must prepare for the Advent and Christmas seasons.

Thursday, Dec. 8 is a Holy Day of Obligation and there will be a 9:30 student mass

6th Grade:  We will start with the study of the Liturgical Calendar and work our way through Advent and Christmas.  We will discuss the Church's calendar (which started started a New Year on Nov. 27).  We will discuss the different seasons and their reasons.  We will then study the Advent season and it's history at the end we will look at the Christmas season and all the feast days within (including the Holy Days of Obligations.  Most of our studies will be coming from notes and discussions. Looking at having the quiz on Friday, Dec. 9

7th Grade:  We will start lesson 4 (pages 118 to 129).  We will read about the effecto f new ideas in education, art, religion and politics on life in the colonies.  We will be introduced to such people as Ben Franklin, Phillis Wheatley, Anne Bradstreet, Johnathan Edwards, and John Locke.  We will study the Great Awakening and Great Revival periods and the poetry and literature of that time.  We will have a chapter 4 test after we finish this chapter.  Looking at having the chapter test on Thursday, Dec. 8

8th Grade:  We will review the Christmas and Advent season this week to prepare ourselves for the seasons.  Students will be tested on notes and the Holy Days of Obligation. Looking at having a test on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 8th and 9th.

Jr. High Religion and Social Studies 11/14

Thanksgiving break Wed. Nov 23-27

Dec. 8 Holy Day of Obligation:  Immaculate Conception.  Student Mass at 9:30

6th Grade Religion:  We have finished with unit 1 and will start unit 2 with  chapter 6 (pages 39-46) on Tuesday, Nov. 15.  The goal for unit 2 is for the students to understand how God's plan of salvation unfolded in the lives of the patriarch (fathers or rulers).  In chapter 6 we will learn of the first patriarch (Abraham) who had great faith and deep trust in God.  We will learn God's covenant with Abraham and the journey to the promised land. Ch. 6 test on Tuesday, Nov. 22

7th Grade Social Studies:  We are currently on ch. 4/lesson 3 (pages 113-117) We will be studying the conditions under which enslaved Africans came to the Americas as part of the triangular trade and discuss the slave codes.  We will also look at free African-Americans and what rights they had. Lessn 3 test on Monday, Nov. 21

8th Grade Religion:  We have completed unit 1 and will start with unit 2/ch. 6:  In this unit, we will study the four marks of the Church (one, holy, catholic and apostolic) in greater detail.  In ch. 6 we will explore the concept that all Catholics are unified as one in the Church. We will also address the idea that working toward unity is the responsibility of all members of the Church. Ch. 6 quiz on Monday, Nov 21 for white group and green group will have a choice between taking the quiz on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at recess or wait till after Thanksgiving break.

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