September 21

Next Week in K1!

Religion/Social Studies - Gospels of the Week, Big Book of Who We Are (community) 


Science - When Things Collide 


Literature Art - Letter G, Giants - Where the Giants Sleep and Jack and the Bean Stalk  


Math - Writing Numbers 1-10, AB Patterns, and Identifying Shapes


Phonics/ELA - Letter /Gg/ Rhyming, Beginning and Middle Sounds, Rhyming Words, Sight Words and Color Words



Sept. 22nd - Free Green and White Tag Day (play clothes) Movie Night on the Field @dusk

Sept. 28th First Responders Day

Oct. 5th - Picture Day (winter uniform) Coupon Books Due


Oct. 23rd-24th - 11:50 Dismissals and Parent Teacher Conferences in the afternoons 


Homework is located in their red folder and on the class website. It will be checked every morning! Lets get 4 Star work! 


Monday- Write the letter /Gg/ 5x each, capital and lowercase.

Tuesday- Write the word "log" 3x each

Wednesday- Write the numbers 1-5 3x each.

Thursday- Write the numbers 6-10 3x each. 

Friday- Practice Prayers, Sign of the Cross, and Sight Word List! :)

We are still working on...

We are still working on 

-making the sign of the cross 

-recognizing color words and sight words 

-writing and recognizing lowercase letters

-writing our numbers 

****These will be assessed and graded for T1 Progress Reports! 

Recess Duty

f you would like to sign up for Recess Duty from 9:30-10:00am you still can! Write your name on the dates you would like on the bulletin board outside of our classroom! 

September 14th

Next Week in K1!

Religion/Social Studies - Saints, the Church, and Bible Stories

Science - Forces of Motion: Pushing and Pulling

Literature Art - Letter O Art, Octopus

Math - Graphing, Linking Cubes, One-to-One Correspondence, Patterns, and Writing Numbers 6-10

Phonics/ELA - Letter /Oo/ short and long vowel sounds


Sept. 14th- School Mass @ 9am
Sept. 15th- Book Orders due online
Sept. 20th- 8:15 Daily Mass and Book Fair (if you would like your child to purchase a book, please send in cash in an envelope with name)
Sept. 22nd - Free Green and White Tag Day (play clothes) Movie Night on the Field @dusk
Oct. 5th - Picture Day (winter uniform) Coupon Books Due

Please only send in water in your child's water bottle to drink during the day. No tea or juice please.

Homework is starting Monday September 18th. It will be located in their red folder and online. It will be checked every morning.

Monday- Write first and last name with lower case letters 2x. ex: Amanda Hauss   Amanda Hauss

Tuesday- Write the letter /Ll/ 5x each

Wednesday- Write the letter /Oo/ 5x each

Thursday- Color the shapes according to the color

Friday- Read a book with your family

We are still working on
-making the sign of the cross
-reading color words
-writing and recognizing lowercase letters
-writing our numbers
-writing our first and last names properly
-Spanish words are being sent home for your own use.

Parents - ALWAYS take out any papers in your child's "keep home" pocket and check the  "return to school" pocket for any information you or I need regarding school forms for your child. Also, if your child receives a number because they were not making good choices PLEASE initial it so I know you have seen it. Thank you!

First Week of School 2017-2018

Welcome to K1! 

-September Calendar will come home on Tuesday with important dates and reminders. 

-Please return the Kindergarten Shirt order form and Parent Questionaire by Thursday, September 7th. 

-Kindergarten Homework will be posted on this site for the entire week starting the second week of school. 

Personal Belief Statement

Starting the Three-Year-Old Program and transitioning into a kindergarten teacher at Holy Cross has been such an honor.  As a graduate of Holy Cross, I am blessed to be able to come back and teach the little ones.  They are incredibly bright for such a young age, and it is wonderful to see their minds transform as they learn new things.  They love coming to school every day and they always have a big smile on their face when they enter the classroom. Five to Six years old is such a crucial time for brain development, and these students are constantly growing.  Every day they work on their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, phonemic awareness, body awareness, and social skills. There is never a dull moment with these children, and I think that is the reason why I love it so much!  Holy Cross is a fantastic school, and now being able to teach here just really makes this school a second home for me.  I look forward to seeing the students and I grow with the school throughout the years. 

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