January 18, 2018

Next Week!


Phonics Letter R, Digraphs and Beginning Blends

Math - Dimes and Quarters! Counting Change

Religion - Gospel of the Week 

Literature Art - Rainforest and Rain Sticks

Science - Predicting Weather




Monday - Write the Letter /Rr/ 5x

Tuesday - Count and Write by 5's to 50! 

Wednesday - Draw 10 cents using change

Thursday - Write three words with a /fr/ blend



January 28th Catholic Schools Week Open House, Book Fair in Multi-Purpose Room

January 29th School Mass 9:30

January 31st Patriotic Rosary 1:30

February 2nd SOUPER BOWL - bring in a can of soup and wear a sports jersey! 


Test Folders will be coming home again next week. Please keep all assessments in the folder and return by Monday, January 29th! 


Interims will be sent home on February 1st! 



January 2nd-12th

Last week K1 was busy getting back to work after our restful Christmas break! 

- Letter /Ss/ and /'s/ 

- Reading Stan's Pigs 

- New Reading and Writing Groups (daily)

- Ordinal Numbers 

-Shade and Sunlight - how to block the sun to create a cooler area 

Coming Up This Week

Phonics - /Ff/, Digraph, blends /'s/ and sight words! 

Math - Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters!

Social Studies - Martin Luther King 

Literature Art - Ferdinand the Bull 

Science - Severe Weather and Forecasts 


January 8th Three Kings Party & Rosary for Life 

January 12th Black and White Tag Day $1

January 15th No School! 


During Trimester 2 your child will be assessed on counting to 100, forming letters and numbers correctly, sight words, tying their shoes, address, phone number, and DOB. There will some papers in their Thursday Communicator to help practice address and phone number. 

Accelerated Reader (AR)

AR is a reading program Kindergarten will begin soon. This will be a part of your child's comprehension grade. One day a week your child will bring a book home they have selected. It will be a part of their homework that they read it with you that night, maybe one-three times so they understand it. The next morning in school, they will take a short quiz on the computer about the story. It will be recorded in their AR folder which will go home and return to school along with the book they chose. A letter with more information will be sent home this week.



(Read Stan's Pigs every night and return to school on Thursday!)

Monday - write letter /Ff/ five times capital and lowercase 

Tuesday - write numbers 0-20 

Wednesday - write a sentence with an /'s/ 

Thursday - write three words that begin with "sl-" ex: slide 

Friday - Black and White Tag Day $1

December 14th

Next week! 

No Letter - Reviewing all of the letters we have learned so far. 

Math - Skip Counting, Christmas Addition, and Christmas Patterns 

Religion - Advent and Christmas, Preparing for Jesus

Science - Mystery Doug 

*No Switching 



There will be no homework until we return to school after Christmas break! 

Please spend this time reading and working with your children at home. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend before the Holidays begin!  


Important Dates/ Reminders 

-December 18th- Polar Express Day (wear pajamas to school)

-December 21st- Christmas Rosary 1:30 

-December 22nd- No School! 

-January 2nd- return to school 


Polar Express Day 

Polar Express day all of the kindergarten students will gather to watch one of Miss Hauss' favorite Christmas movies! 

We will share Hot Cocoa and cookies while we spend the day in our PJ's! Please send your child to school in warm Pajamas and sneakers! We are going to have a wonderful day!



I have created a list on www.getepic.com for Christmas stories that read out loud to the children. The link is on my website along with the username and password. (App available)

November 6-10


Letter Aa in Phonics and Handwriting


Social Studies: Where we find things


Math: One-to-One Correspondence, AB Patterns


Religion: Gospel of the Week, Mysteries of the Rosary


Literature Art: Alligators 


Science: Energy and the Sun 



November 8th - No School 


November 10th - Veterans Day Rosary 1:30, $1 Red White and Blue Tag Day 


November 13th - Chick-Fil-A Night, Camden 


Your student may be selected to read a line for the ELC Christmas Musical. You will need to practice their line EVERY NIGHT! It will be sent home this week. 



 Every Monday is Spirit Day! Students can wear their green t-shirts with their school uniform pants and shoes. Girls may wear their shirts over their jumpers if they choose. 



November Book It Calendar has been sent home. Read with your child for 20 minutes every day, color in the calendar and return it for free personal pizza from Pizza Hut! 



Monday- Write Aa 3x each

Tuesday- Draw an AB Pattern and label the color underneath

Wednesday- Look up and write the name of a saint that begins with letter A

Thursday- Write numbers 0-20 2x 

Friday- Practice Sight Words 



Oct. 26th News

Next Week

Phonics/Handwriting- Letter /Pp/

Science- Sunlight and the Earths Surface

Religion/Social Studies - Weekly Gospels, Holy Trinity, All Souls Day / Who We Are: Family 

Math- Identifying missing numbers, graphing, shape attributes, and matching numbers to sets of objects

Literature Art- Portraits 



Monday - Draw a Pumpkin with Triangle eyes and nose and pick a shape for the mouth


Tuesday - No Homework!


Wednesday - Copy and complete the sentence: "My favorite candy is ______"


Thursday -  Write 3 words that start with /P/ and 3 that end with /P/


Friday - Practice Sight Words

Important Dates/Reminders 

Oct. 27th - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (if you ride on the bus please be here by 8:15)


Oct. 31st- Halloween Party in K1 Classroom. Parents Invited! Begins at 12:30 Please look for an email from K1 Room Mom Mrs. Stephanie Ferrare

K1 will be having our Halloween Party on Tuesday, Oct. 31st at 12:30 - 1:30. All parents are welcome to join us for our celebration!  


Nov. 1st - 9:30 School Mass


Nov. 8th - No School for Holy Cross, just 6th grade



Nov. 10th - Red White and Blue Tag Day $1

Oct. 19th News

Next Week! 

Phonics- Starting Letter /Pp/

Science- Energy and the Sun 

Religion- Catching Up on Weekly Gospels 

Math- 1 to 1 correspondence, Dice Games, Missing Numbers, 1-20 in order, Number Identification and Ten Frames

Literature Art- Pumpkin Piñatas (stuffing with candy on Monday!)



Monday - Write a sentence using a Sight Word 

Tuesday - Write letter "Pp" 5x correctly

Wednesday - Write Numbers 10-20

Thursday -  Read a Book and write the name of it 

Friday - Practice Sight Words


Important Dates/Reminders

Oct. 21st- Fall Festival! 10am-4pm 

Oct. 23rd & 24th - Parent Teacher Conferences

Oct. 27th - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (wear jeans, green kindergarten shirt, and sneakers!)

Oct. 31st- Halloween Party in K1 Classroom. Parents Invited! Begins at 12:30 Please look for an email being sent out regarding the party from K1 Room Mom Mrs. Stephanie Ferrare




*K1 K2 and K3 are making their own Pumpkin Piñatas in Mrs. Girton's Class if you would like to donate individually wrapped candy to fill K1's piñata you can bring it into our class anytime over this next week. All of your support is greatly appreciated! 

Students should wear their new Kindergarten T-Shirts, jeans, and sneakers (doesn't have to be gym sneakers). Pack your child a disposable lunch in a clear plastic zip lock bag with their name on it.

Oct. 12th News


Phonics- Reviewing letters learned so far

Science- Finishing Forces and Direction

Religion- Prayer Assessments 

Math- Story Problems &Identifying Shapes

Literature Art- Pumpkin Piñatas 


Assessments on:

-Writing and Identifying Numbers 0-20 

-Personal Info (birthday, address, phone number, first middle and last name)

-Tying Shoes, buttoning, snapping, and zippering

-Sight Words, Color Words

-Writing name correctly 

-Rhyming Words

- AB Patterns and Shapes

-Letters L G O H T Sounds

-Prayers and Sign of the Cross 



Monday - Write reading words 

"Hot Lot Got Hog Log" 2x neatly! 

Tuesday - Write letters "Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, and Tt" 3x correctly

Wednesday - Write a sentence using your favorite color word!

Thursday - Write 3 words that end in "-at" and draw pictures to go along with them. 

Friday - Practice Sight Words

Please only do the homework the night it is assigned! Thank you! 


Important Dates/ Reminders 

Oct. 20th-Tag Day bring in a canned good and Pumpkin Patch Permission Slip Due Back!

Oct. 21st- Fall Festival! 10am-4pm Come visit Miss Hauss while I volunteer! 

*K1 K2 and K3 are making their own Pumpkin Piñatas in Mrs. Girton's Class if you would like to donate individually wrapped candy to fill the piñata you can bring it into our class anytime over the next 2 weeks. I understand we have had a busy month and I do not want to overwhelm anyone. All of your support is greatly appreciated! 

Oct. 5th

Next Week:

Phonics- Letter /Tt/, Compound Words, Rhyming Words, and Beginning Sounds 

Science- Forces and Direction

Religion-  Gospel Story of the Week 

Math- Pattern Blocks, Geometric Shapes, and Graphing

Literature Art- The Giving Tree and Texture

Students will be assessed on the following:

-Writing and Identifying Numbers 0-20 

-Personal Info

-Tying, buttoning, snapping, and zippering

-Sight Words

-Writing name correctly



Monday - write /Tt/ five times

Tuesday - write three words that rhyme with "Hot"

Wednesday - Think of a compound word. Draw a picture of the two words and then the picture of the compound word. Ex.: tooth and brush = toothbrush

Thursday - Draw an AB Pattern using one shape and two colors ex: Yellow circle, brown circle, yellow circle, brown circle


Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 6th- No School! Book Orders are due for Oct. 

Oct. 9th- No School! 

Oct. 11th- School Mass / Fire Prevention Presentation 

Oct. 13th- Show and Tell Letter T 

Oct. 20th-Tag Day bring in a canned good 

Oct. 21st- Fall Festival! 10am-4pm 

Please look to see if you still have a library book at home from the week before the book fair.

Our class is collecting items for a gift basket that will be auctioned off at the Fall Festival. Our theme is "Ice Cream Sundaes." I have attached a list of items we already have and other suggested items!


Fall Festival Gift Basket - Ice Cream Sundaes

Items Already Collected:

-Ice Cream Scoop 

-Hot Fudge Sauce 

-Caramel Sauce 


Suggested Items to Donate

-M&M's/Reece's Pieces                       -Cherries

-Chocolate/Peanut Butter Chips           -Rolo Minis

-A Variety of Sprinkles                        -Ice Cream Chalices 

-Ice Cream Cones/Waffle Bowls           -Frozen Yogurt Bowls

-Oreo's/Gummy Bears                        -Mini Marshmallows 

-Cute Paper Bowls and Napkins           -Pirouette Wafer Sticks

-Magic Shell/Strawberry Sauce            -Peanut Butter Sauce



September 28th

Next Week:

Religion/Social Studies - Weekly Gospels, Our Lady of the Rosary, and St. Francis of Assisi

Science - Direction and Force

Literature Art - Letter H Magic Hats, Pumpkin Pinata

Math - Pattern Blocks, One to One Correspondence, and writing numbers

Phonics/ELA - Letter /Hh/ short and long vowel sounds



Homework is starting Monday October 2nd.  It will be located in their red folder and online. It will be checked every morning. 

Monday- Write first and last name with lower case letters 2x. 

Tuesday- Write the letter /Hh/ 5x each

Wednesday- Write three words that rhyme with /Log/

Thursday- Write Numbers 1-10 neatly

Friday- Practice Sight Words

Please do not do Monday homework over the weekend. 


Important Dates/Reminders:

Oct. 4th - Return Library Books! Some students still have their Library Books out from three weeks ago!  

Oct. 5th - Picture Day (winter uniform) Coupon Books Due

Oct. 6th - No School for students

Oct. 9th - No School for students 

Oct. 13th - School Rosary 1:30 pm

Oct. 20th - Tag Day- Bring in Canned Good 

Oct. 21st - Fall Festival 

Oct. 23rd and 24th -Parent Teacher Conferences


Please Continue Working On...

-making the sign of the cross 

-Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen Prayers

-writing numbers 0-10

-reading color words 

-writing and recognizing lowercase letters 

-writing our first and last names properly

-Spanish words are being sent home for your own use. 

September 21

Next Week in K1!

Religion/Social Studies - Gospels of the Week, Big Book of Who We Are (community) 


Science - When Things Collide 


Literature Art - Letter G, Giants - Where the Giants Sleep and Jack and the Bean Stalk  


Math - Writing Numbers 1-10, AB Patterns, and Identifying Shapes


Phonics/ELA - Letter /Gg/ Rhyming, Beginning and Middle Sounds, Rhyming Words, Sight Words and Color Words



Sept. 22nd - Free Green and White Tag Day (play clothes) Movie Night on the Field @dusk

Sept. 28th First Responders Day

Oct. 5th - Picture Day (winter uniform) Coupon Books Due


Oct. 23rd-24th - 11:50 Dismissals and Parent Teacher Conferences in the afternoons 


Homework is located in their red folder and on the class website. It will be checked every morning! Lets get 4 Star work! 


Monday- Write the letter /Gg/ 5x each, capital and lowercase.

Tuesday- Write the word "log" 3x each

Wednesday- Write the numbers 1-5 3x each.

Thursday- Write the numbers 6-10 3x each. 

Friday- Practice Prayers, Sign of the Cross, and Sight Word List! :)

We are still working on...

We are still working on 

-making the sign of the cross 

-recognizing color words and sight words 

-writing and recognizing lowercase letters

-writing our numbers 

****These will be assessed and graded for T1 Progress Reports! 

Recess Duty

f you would like to sign up for Recess Duty from 9:30-10:00am you still can! Write your name on the dates you would like on the bulletin board outside of our classroom! 

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