Administrative & Ministerial Staff

Diane Belt
Assistant to the Pastor and Office Manager
302.674.5787 ext 113
Kenneth Trojan
Parish Manager
302.674.5787 ext 119 

Linda Pollitt
Principal, Holy Cross School

Rachael Casey
Principal, St. Thomas More Academy Parish High School
Cynthia Krebs
Director of
Religious Education

302.674.5787 ext 122

Linda Darling
Director of
Youth Ministry

302.674.5787 ext 123

Arline Dosman
Director of
Hispanic Ministry
302.674.5787 ext 118
Michael Perza
Music Director
Justin Wurzel
Maintenance Manager

Leonard Dornberger
Directory of Holy Cross Cemetery
302.674.5787 ext 135

Michelle Dornberger HCS '87
Assistant Business Manager
Jane Green
Office Receptionist - Parish Office

Maureen Wessel
Office Receptionist - Parish Office
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Marcia Messina
Religious Education
Office Coordinator
302.674.5787 ext 121
Karyn Stant
Office Coordinator - Elementary School Office
Angela Bifferato
Office Coordinator - Junior High School Office

 Jill Zink

Office Coordinator - Early Learning Center
Coordinator of Public Relations and Marketing
Bernadette Kolakowski HCHS '82
Nurse, Holy Cross School
Marian Stant HCHS '72
Cafeteria Manager
Laura Belt
Physical Education Aide and Office Assistant