Profile of a Holy Cross Graduate

Holy Cross Graduates use their God-given talents both in the classroom and in their daily lives.  They are Honest, Optimistic, Loving, Yearning for knowledge, Committed, Respectful, One with God, Service Oriented, and Self-assured.


The student will:

  • Show proficiency in the core subject areas of the curriculum.
  • Demonstrate skills in safety standards and procedures in Science Labs.
  • Think critically, creatively, and independently.


The student is exposed to (or has participated in):

  • Prayer in their daily life and the Sacraments.
  • Community Service to the marginalized and disenfranchised communities.
  • The basic tenets of the Catholic Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Prayer Buddies

The student is afforded the opportunity to participate in:

  • Extra curricula opportunities in various areas
  • An awareness of good cyber citizenship
  • An awareness of cultural diversity
  • Bullying programs
  • School government
  • Sports programs


Students will utilize effective skills in technology to:

  • Communicate.
  • Conduct and analyze research.
  • Report results in a formal presentation.